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January 2021 - Volume 39 - Issue 1
pp: 1-198

Blood pressure and other risk factors

Predictors and prognostic role of low myocardial mechano-energetic efficiency in chronic inflammatory arthritis

Cioffi, Giovanni; Mancusi, Costantino; de Simone, Giovanni; More

Journal of Hypertension. 39(1):53-61, January 2021.

Serum uric acid, predicts heart failure in a large Italian cohort: search for a cut-off value the URic acid Right for heArt Health study

Muiesan, Maria L.; Salvetti, Massimo; Virdis, Agostino; More

Journal of Hypertension. 39(1):62-69, January 2021.

Diagnostic aspects

Routine assessment of cognitive function in older patients with hypertension seen by primary care physicians: why and how—a decision-making support from the working group on ‘hypertension and the brain’ of the European Society of Hypertension and from the European Geriatric Medicine Society

Scuteri, Angelo; Benetos, Athanasios; Sierra, Cristina; More

Journal of Hypertension. 39(1):90-100, January 2021.

Additive association of knowledge and awareness on control of hypertension: a cross-sectional survey in rural India

Ragavan, Rathina Srinivasa; Joshi, Rohina; Evans, Roger G.; More

Journal of Hypertension. 39(1):107-116, January 2021.

Organ damage


Therapeutic aspects

Low medication adherence is associated with decline in health-related quality of life: results of a longitudinal analysis among older women and men with hypertension

Peacock, Erin; Joyce, Cara; Craig, Leslie S.; More

Journal of Hypertension. 39(1):153-161, January 2021.

Effect of direct renin inhibition on vascular function after long-term treatment with aliskiren in hypertensive and diabetic patients

Savoia, Carmine; De Ciuceis, Carolina; Paini, Anna; More

Journal of Hypertension. 39(1):169-180, January 2021.