May 2016 - Volume 34 - Issue 5 : Journal of Hypertension

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May 2016 - Volume 34 - Issue 5
pp: 811-1023

Management of the hypertensive patient with elevated heart rate: Statement of the Second Consensus Conference endorsed by the European Society of Hypertension

Palatini, Paolo; Rosei, Enrico Agabiti; Casiglia, Edoardo; More

Journal of Hypertension. 34(5):813-821, May 2016.


Cardiovascular risk

Blood vessels

Diabetes mellitus

Effects of diuretics on sodium-dependent glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitor-induced changes in blood pressure in obese rats suffering from the metabolic syndrome

Rahman, Asadur; Kittikulsuth, Wararat; Fujisawa, Yoshihide; More

Journal of Hypertension. 34(5):893-906, May 2016.




A polymorphism in a major antioxidant gene (Kelch-like ECH-associated protein 1) predicts incident cardiovascular events in chronic kidney disease patients: an exploratory study

Testa, Alessandra; Leonardis, Daniela; Spoto, Belinda; More

Journal of Hypertension. 34(5):928-934, May 2016.


Comprehensive monitoring of cardiac remodeling with aortic stroke volume values provided by a phase-contrast MRI sequence

Marie, Pierre Y.; Mandry, Damien; Huttin, Olivier; More

Journal of Hypertension. 34(5):967-973, May 2016.

Therapeutic aspects

Kidney CLC-K chloride channels inhibitors: structure-based studies and efficacy in hypertension and associated CLC-K polymorphisms

Liantonio, Antonella; Imbrici, Paola; Camerino, Giulia Maria; More

Journal of Hypertension. 34(5):981-992, May 2016.