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December 2008 - Volume 26 - Issue 12
pp: 2255-2453


Prevalence, awareness, treatment and control of hypertension in healthy unrelated male–female pairs of European regions: the dietary habit profile in European communities with different risk of myocardial infarction – the impact of migration as a model of gene–environment interaction project

Costanzo, Simona; Di Castelnuovo, Augusto; Zito, Francesco; More

Journal of Hypertension. 26(12):2303-2311, December 2008.

Genetic aspects


Blood vessels

Insuline sensitivity


Arterial stiffness, intima-media thickness and carotid artery fibrosis in patients with primary aldosteronism

Bernini, Giampaolo; Galetta, Fabio; Franzoni, Ferdinando; More

Journal of Hypertension. 26(12):2399-2405, December 2008.


Seasonal trends of blood pressure during pregnancy in Japan: the Babies and their Parents' Longitudinal Observation in Suzuki Memorial Hospital in Intrauterine Period study

Metoki, Hirohito; Ohkubo, Takayoshi; Watanabe, Yumiko; More

Journal of Hypertension. 26(12):2406-2413, December 2008.

Monoclonal antibody to an endogenous bufadienolide, marinobufagenin, reverses preeclampsia-induced Na/K-ATPase inhibition and lowers blood pressure in NaCl-sensitive hypertension

Fedorova, Olga V; Simbirtsev, Andrey S; Kolodkin, Nikolai I; More

Journal of Hypertension. 26(12):2414-2425, December 2008.


The β-lactam antibiotic, ceftriaxone, dramatically improves survival, increases glutamate uptake and induces neurotrophins in stroke

Thöne-Reineke, Christa; Neumann, Christian; Namsolleck, Pawel; More

Journal of Hypertension. 26(12):2426-2435, December 2008.


Therapeutic aspects