January 2007 - Volume 25 - Issue 1 : Journal of Hypertension

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January 2007 - Volume 25 - Issue 1
pp: 1-258

Therapeutic prospective

A vaccine for hypertension based on virus-like particles: preclinical efficacy and phase I safety and immunogenicity

Ambühl, Patrice M; Tissot, Alain C; Fulurija, Alma; More

Journal of Hypertension. 25(1):63-72, January 2007.


Hypertension: its prevalence and population-attributable fraction for mortality from cardiovascular disease in the Asia-Pacific region

Martiniuk, Alexandra LC; Lee, Crystal MY; Lawes, Carlene MM; More

Journal of Hypertension. 25(1):73-79, January 2007.

Genetic aspects

−391 C to G substitution in the regulator of G-protein signalling-2 promoter increases susceptibility to the metabolic syndrome in white European men: consistency between molecular and epidemiological studies

Freson, Kathleen; Stolarz, Katarzyna; Aerts, Raymond; More

Journal of Hypertension. 25(1):117-125, January 2007.


Sleep apnea

Neural control

Baroreflex effectiveness index and baroreflex sensitivity predict all-cause mortality and sudden death in hypertensive patients with chronic renal failure

Johansson, Mats; Gao, Sinsia A; Friberg, Peter; More

Journal of Hypertension. 25(1):163-168, January 2007.

Primary aldosteronism


Therapeutic aspects