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September 1995 - Volume 13 - Issue 9
pp: 939-1070,H55-H60

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Alcohol intake and cardiovascular mortality in hypertensive patients: report from the Department of Health Hypertension Care Computing Project

Palmer, Alison J.; Fletcher, Astrid E.; Bulpitt, Christopher J.; More

Journal of Hypertension. 13(9):957-964, September 1995.

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Endothelium: PDF Only

Insulin: PDF Only

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Aspects of therapeutics: PDF Only

A randomized comparison of the effect of four antihypertensive monotherapies on the subjective quality of life in previously untreated asymptomatic patients: field trial in general practice

Boissel, Jean-Pierre; Collet, Jean-Paul; Lion, Laurence; More

Journal of Hypertension. 13(9):1059-1067, September 1995.

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