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March 2023 - Volume 41 - Issue 3

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Health football beats them all -subgroup analysis of the 3F- (fit & fun with football) study on white coat hypertension, sustained hypertension, dippers, non-dippers, and on pharmacologically un-/treated arterial hypertension

With the flurry of interest around the World Cup, it’s only right that we discuss the health benefits of football. Join Bastian Shrader and Charis Conradi as they discuss their paper on the benefits of health football in different hypertensive cohorts.

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Cuffless blood pressure measuring devices: ESH Working Group on Blood Pressure Monitoring and Cardiovascular Variability – with George Stergiou

The Journal of Hypertension podcasts speaks to George Stergiou from the University of Athens. His recent publication is a consensus document from the European Society of Hypertension (ESH) Working Group on Blood Pressure (BP) Monitoring and Cardiovascular Variability.



This European Society of Hypertension statement aims to summarise the essential recommendations for blood pressure measurements for clinical practice in and out of the office.​​​




FREE ACCESS. Abstracts from the meeting of​ the Interna​tional Society of Hypertension, 12-16 October 2022, Kyoto. J Hypertens 2023; 41, e1-e512, Suppl 1


ESH conference 2022

Abstracts from the meeting of the European Society of Hypertension, 17-20 June 2022, Athens.​​​


bedtime dosing of antihypertensive medicines

Systematic review and consensus statement by the International Society of Hypertension, and endorsed by World Hypertension League and European Society of Hypertension. J Hypertens 2022; 40:1847-1858.


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Revisiting malignant hypertension: rationale and design of the ‘HAMA cohort’, on behalf of the ESH working group ‘hypertension and the kidney’

Boulestreau, Romain; Lorthioir, Aurélien; Persu, Alexandre; More