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Heagerty, Anthony M.

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Journal of Hypertension 39(10):p 1933, October 2021. | DOI: 10.1097/HJH.0000000000002970
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Since 1 July, I have had the honour of taking over as Editor in Chief of The Journal of Hypertension. This has been no easy task: The Journal has been managed with exemplary skill by Professor Giuseppe Mancia and his team and has grown in celebrity and stature under his leadership. We owe him a deep debt of gratitude and I have large shoes to fill.

Accordingly, I have chosen to form an Executive Team and selected academic colleagues from my own institution as well as the United States, Europe and Africa with an accent on a change in sex balance and ethnicity. We are excited by the prospect of reaching out and publishing work from all regions of the world.

The team comprises Professor Jane Reusch (Denver, Colorado, USA), Dr Brandi Wynne (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA), Dr Jana Brguljan-Hitij (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Dr Adam Greenstein (Manchester, UK), Dr Sophie Saxton (Manchester, UK) and Professor Augustine Odili (Abuja, Nigeria). Within it is the skill set to cover Hypertension in all its aspects and also the broader remit of Women's Cardiovascular Health and Diabetes. They together, with an expanded Editorial Board, will reflect our global commitment and enhanced inclusivity. Already we have invited additional members to help us. Our Editorial Office will be run in Manchester by Mrs Julie Heydon.

The Journal will be promoted on Media Platforms by Dr Sarah Withers (Salford, UK). We shall be using podcasts with our authors to promote their work, introducing distillations of papers for patients and tweeting hard and will reach out to non-scientists as well as our research community. It is a vast family!

We are keen to hear from our readers and researchers. A Journal must listen to and respond to academic needs and change accordingly and we shall. We aim to publish research findings as well as Society Policy Statements and Guidelines; cardiovascular disease is a scourge we need to eradicate with best practice and that evolves with high quality research. We are pledged to making acceptance as rapid as possible. We are excited to serve the whole academic community in this field.

Anthony M. Heagerty
Brandi Wynne
Adam Greenstein
Augustine Odili
Sarah Withers
Jane Reusch
Jana Brguljan-Hitij
Sophie Saxton
Julie Heydon
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