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First international consensus on the diagnosis and management of fibromuscular dysplasia

Gornik, Heather L.a,*; Persu, Alexandreb,*; Adlam, Davidc,d; Aparicio, Lucas S.e; Azizi, Michelf,g,h; Boulanger, Marioni; Bruno, Rosa M.j; De Leeuw, Peterk; Fendrikova-Mahlay, Nataliaa; Froehlich, Jamesl; Ganesh, Santhi K.l; Gray, Bruce H.m; Jamison, Cathlinn; Januszewicz, Andrzejo; Jeunemaitre, Xavierp,q; Kadian-Dodov, Daniellar; Kim, Esther S.H.s; Kovacic, Jason C.r; Mace, Pamelat; Morganti, Albertou; Sharma, Adityav; Southerland, Andrew M.w; Touzé, Emmanueli; Van der Niepen, Patriciax; Wang, Jiguangy; Weinberg, Idoz; Wilson, Scottaa,bb; Olin, Jeffrey W.r,†; Plouin, Pierre-Francoisf,g,h,† on behalf of the Working Group ‘Hypertension and the Kidney’ of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH) and the Society for Vascular Medicine (SVM)

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doi: 10.1097/HJH.0000000000002019



With regret, Dr Natalia Fendrikova-Mahlay's affiliation was incorrectly listed as University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center and UH Harrington Heart and Vascular Institute, Cleveland, OH, USA. Her correct affiliation is Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Cleveland Clinic Heart and Vascular Institute, Cleveland, OH, USA.

Journal of Hypertension. 37(5):1098, May 2019.

There is an error in Table 4 on page 235 of this article .

The pulsatile tinnitus (%) data 374/1661 (22.5) are inaccurate and should be corrected to read: 645/1706 (37.8). The authors have confirmed through the data coordinating center of the US Registry for FMD that this was a transcription error during which the % for non-pulsatile tinnitus was entered into the table rather than pulsatile tinnitus. Pulsatile tinnitus is the symptom of relevance to patients with FMD.

Journal of Hypertension. 39(9):1932, September 2021.

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