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A17270 He neuroendocrine peculiarities of essential arterial hypertension development

virajitha, Maganty Sri sai Valli1; V L, Lukashenko L.2; Vamsi, Varahabhatla3; Ivetta, Likhasenko4

doi: 10.1097/01.hjh.0000549015.95447.67

Objectives: To investigate the potential role of neuropeptide Y (NPY) and vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) in the pathogenesis of essential arterial hypertension (EAH).

Methods: 25 patients with I-III stages of EAH and 14 practically healthy volunteers aged from 22 to 70 years were examined. The content of VIP and NPY in the blood plasma was determined by immuno-enzymatic methods using the Bachem Peninsula Laboratories, Inc. sets.

Results: We found a significant initial decrease in the levels of NPY in the plasma of all the examined patients with EAH. Depending on stage of the disease, it was shown that as EAH progressed, the plasma NPY level decreased from 1,532 ± 0,386 ng/ml to 1,054 ± 0,148 ng/ml. Level of activity of NPY was found to be inversely proportional to the degree of BP increase. Consequently, a decrease in the level of NPY stipulates higher figures of BP in patients with EAH, contributing to the further progression of the disease. However, the activity of this neuropeptide in plasma of patients with stage II was comparable to that of healthy volunteers and was 0,843 ± 0,191 ng/ml, which was significantly higher than in patients with stage III (0,404 ± 0,043 ng/ml). That is, in the course of hypertension, compensatory normalization of VIP activity was observed at the stage of development of lesions of target organs, with the depletion of which irreversible disturbances of their function develop. The content of VIP in patients with “moderate” arterial hypertension (0,393 ± 0,057 ng/ml) was significantly lower than in healthy volunteers.

Conclusion: We detected a dynamic decrease in the activity of NPY and VIP in patients with EAH which indicates the involvement of these regulatory peptides in the development of arterial hypertension.

1General medicine Zaporozhye state medical university Ukraine

2Department of internal medicine Zaporozhye state medical university Ukraine

3Department of general medicine Zaporozhye state medical university Ukraine

4Department of propeduetics internal medicine Zaporozhye state medical university Ukraine

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