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Al-Said Jafar
Journal of Hypertension: September 2016
doi: 10.1097/01.hjh.0000500232.12767.1b


To determine the difference in hypertension prevalence and impact between developing and developed countries. Describe certain procedures to limit the extension of the disease and decrease its global economic burden.

Design and Method:

Review of the published English studies till the end of Jan. 2016. Different factors affecting HTN burden identified depending on specific countries and regions. Estimating the predicted HTN prevalence and identifying the detrimental actions to control and reduce its global burden specifically among developing countries.


Illustration of global population growth. Assessment of the increased hypertension prevalence affecting developing and developed countries will be presented. Rural area's increased susceptibility will be determined. Education, financial resources, lifestyle, and development are among the significant factors that will be discussed. Plans to limit the increasing hypertension prevalence with be mentioned.


Unless major actions will be taken, global Hypertension prevalence will continue increasing leading to around 5 billion patients by the end of 2100.

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