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Using Charlson Comorbidity Index to Predict Short-Term Clinical Outcomes in Hospitalized Older Adults

Sinvani, Liron; Kuriakose, Roshini; Tariq, Sara; More

The Journal for Healthcare Quality (JHQ). 41(3):146-153, May/June 2019.

Veterans Health Administration Primary Care Provider Adherence to Prescribing Guidelines for Systemic Hormone Therapy in Menopausal Women

Cordasco, Kristina M.; Yuan, Anita H.; Danz, Marjorie J.; More

The Journal for Healthcare Quality (JHQ). 41(2):99-109, March/April 2019.

Using Multisite Process Mapping to Aid Care Improvement: An Examination of Inpatient Suicide-Screening Procedures

Holleran, Lori; Baker, Samantha; Cheng, Caleb; More

The Journal for Healthcare Quality (JHQ). 41(2):110-117, March/April 2019.

Meta-Analysis of Clinical Trials That Evaluate the Effectiveness of Hospital-Initiated Postdischarge Interventions on Hospital Readmission

Branowicki, Patricia M.; Vessey, Judith A.; Graham, Dionne A.; More

The Journal for Healthcare Quality (JHQ). 39(6):354-366, November/December 2017.

Improving Geriatric Care Processes on Two Medical-Surgical Acute Care Units: A Pilot Study

Booth, Katrina A.; Simmons, Emily E.; Viles, Andres F.; More

The Journal for Healthcare Quality (JHQ). 41(1):23-31, January/February 2019.

Implementation of a Routine Health Literacy Assessment at an Academic Medical Center

Warring, Carrie D.; Pinkney, Jacqueline R.; Delvo-Favre, Elaine D.; More

Journal for Healthcare Quality. 40(5):247-255, September/October 2018.

Impact of Surgeon Self-evaluation and Positive Deviance on Postoperative Adverse Events After Non-cardiac Thoracic Surgery

Ivanovic, Jelena; Mostofian, Fargol; Anstee, Caitlin; More

The Journal for Healthcare Quality (JHQ). 40(4):e62-e70, July/August 2018.

Implementation and Quality Improvement of a Screening and Counseling Program for Unhealthy Alcohol Use in an Academic General Internal Medicine Practice

Jonas, Daniel E.; Miller, Thomas; Ratner, Shana; More

The Journal for Healthcare Quality (JHQ). 39(1):15-27, January/February 2017.

Hospital Characteristics and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Inpatient Quality Indicators: A Systematic Review

Engineer, Lilly D.; Winters, Bradford D.; Weston, Christine M.; More

The Journal for Healthcare Quality (JHQ). 38(5):304-313, September/October 2016.

Comprehensive Perinatal Safety Initiative to Reduce Adverse Obstetric Events

Wagner, Brian; Meirowitz, Natalie; Shah, Jalpa; More

The Journal for Healthcare Quality (JHQ). 34(1):6-15, January-February 2012.