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January-February 2019 - Volume 64 - Issue 1

  • Eric Ford, PhD, MPH
  • 1096-9012
  • 1944-7396
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From the January/February Issue...

Welcome to a new year and new resolutions. At the top of my list of resolutions is to listen more carefully and allow for longer pauses in conversation. In Pulp Fiction, Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) asks Vincent Vega (John Travolta), “When in conversation, do you listen, or do you just wait to talk?” After some thought, Vincent replies, “I wait to talk, but I’m trying to listen.” Like most people, I wait to talk. My hope is to become more engaged in the moment and be a better friend, colleague, teacher, and parent. Several of the pieces in this issue of the Journal of Healthcare Management (JHM) touch on the idea of improving communication.

We open with an interview with Laura S. Kaiser, FACHE, president and CEO of SSM Health. Ms. Kaiser’s story is worth listening to closely. She describes how history and mission inform her health system’s current initiatives. I was very interested in hearing her describe the Civica Rx project—her “passion,” as she refers to it—which is designed to help bring affordable prescription drugs to the marketplace. Without a doubt, bringing various stakeholders together to address this patient care issue is one of the hardest problems the U.S. health system faces today.

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