July-August 2018 - Volume 63 - Issue 4

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From the July/August Issue...

Summer is here and we have articles that are too hot to handle in print, so we are presenting them exclusively online. Indeed, the July/August issue of the Journal of Healthcare Management has more high-quality articles than available space in the print edition. Fortunately, we have a robust website to provide a timely forum for all of our content, and we are delighted to give these e-articles and their accompanying practitioner applications an excellent online showcase. I encourage you to visit www.ache.org/journals to read them.

The online exclusives include an article by Aaron Spaulding, PhD, et al. that explores the role of hospitalists in value-based purchasing programs. Hospitalists have become integral to the healthcare landscape; the numerous benefits of employing them include enhanced cost control, better care coordination, and improved care outcomes. The authors’ analysis finds that many of the benefits realized from using hospitalists flow from their care coordination activities. For organizations considering the benefits of value-based purchasing, there are several useful insights here.

Our second online-only article considers the use of consumer-directed health plans (CDHPs) in a cost-control strategy. David William Jordan, PhD, undertakes a sophisticated analysis of how consumers pick their plans. As is so often the case, there are clear indications that CDHPs benefit from favorable selection. Although engaging consumers is necessary in controlling costs, designing health insurance that cannot be gamed is another challenge.

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