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January/February 2023 - Volume 68 - Issue 1

  • Eric Ford, PhD, MPH
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​​​​​From the January/February Issue...

F​irst and foremost, healthcare leaders must be aware of all the latest developments in healthcare legislation and regulations so that they can plan accordingly. They should also stay up to date with changes in technology as well as emerging treatments and therapies that could potentially benefit their patients. Understanding macroeconomic trends such as population shifts or changing demographics will help them identify opportunities or threats that may affect their organization's operations. Additionally, having access to detailed financial analysis will enable them to better manage costs while meeting patient demands for services.

Healthcare leaders must also consider external factors when making strategic decisions regarding their organizations. This includes developing relationships with other stakeholders such as insurers or pharmaceutical companies so that resources can be allocated appropriately. Furthermore, understanding how public sentiment might influence policymaking is critical for staying ahead of potential legislative reforms or funding cuts from government bodies. Finally, it is important for healthcare executives to remain informed about social determinants of health since these play a significant role in overall patient outcomes and utilization rates within various communities.

In summary, effective decision-making by healthcare leaders requires having access to timely information concerning both internal operations (e.g., finances) as well as external dynamics (e.g., policy). By keeping abreast of changes occurring both inside and outside the industry environment, they are better equipped to proactively anticipate challenges while preparing their organizations for long-term success​

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