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September/October 2022 - Volume 67 - Issue 5

  • Eric Ford, PhD, MPH
  • 1096-9012
  • 1944-7396
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​​From the September/October Issue...

One of the many benefits that comes with being the editor of the Journal of Healthcare Management is getting to speak with leaders from across the sector for our regular series of interviews. Over time, one thing has become clear to me: Those who excel have a strong support network that they actively engage with on a regular basis. Moreover, that network usually comprises a mix of career mentors, professional peers, and personal relationships. In effect, great leaders have a personal board of directors that helps them achieve their goals across multiple dimensions using a balanced scorecard approach to professional development.

A personal board of directors is not a new idea. The Wall Street JournalForbes, and Wired magazine have all run pieces featuring someone's professional journey and the people they rely upon along the way. My recommendation is to take the concept further and create a personal board to call on for actionable advice informed by your personal charter and career goals.

Creating a personal board demonstrates the reflective facets of one's life journey. With respect to the reflective element, putting goals, vision, and values into a written document demonstrates an intentionality that many people want to see in their colleagues, peers, and family members. Recognizing that others have contributed to our achievements is an act of thankfulness that occurs far too infrequently today. Having a board that meets regularly can be a life-affirming practice that generates valuable feedback and creates that necessary space for reflection and thanks.​

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