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July-August 2020 - Volume 65 - Issue 4

  • Eric Ford, PhD, MPH
  • 1096-9012
  • 1944-7396
  • 6 issues per year
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From the July/August Issue...

As much as I would like to start with any topic other than the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no getting away from it, I fear. With that said, I would like to look forward to how the pandemic will affect a particular generation, one whose entire life span will be influenced by it.

Generations are defined by the social movements, economic trends, and seminal events that shape the opportunities and threats they face over their life cycle. The most recent cohort, the children of millennials, has been labeled “Generation Alpha” as we move back to the beginning of the alphabet following Gen Z. Despite the convenient naming convention, we now know that they are, in fact, Generation C-19, and that their lives will be affected at every turn by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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