Promoting Your Published Research Article to the Media

Identifying News Value

If you, your institution, or funder want to promote your published article to the media, first identify the news value. Why should a reporter or blogger be interested in sharing your research with their audience?

  • Is this new research? Does it add to the literature on the topic?
  • How can others apply your findings to issues they face?

Promotional Guidelines

Authors are welcome to promote their research articles published in the Journal of Healthcare Management to blogs and other media.

Always know and follow the embargo date for your article. An embargo date informs the media of the availability of the journal issue/article. Media cannot report on your information until the embargo date has passed. For the Journal of Healthcare Management, the embargo date is the online publication date.

When writing a press release, please follow these guidelines:

  • Reach out to Joseph Pixler ([email protected]) or your other point of contact at the journal to inform them of your interest in writing a press release and to learn the embargo date.
  • Cite the following details:
  • Journal name with hyperlink to the journal website
  • Title of article
  • DOI number (printed at the bottom of its first page)
  • Corresponding author's name, affiliation, and e-mail address
  • Include the following: "The Journal of Healthcare Management is published by the Foundation of the American College of Healthcare Executives and Wolters Kluwer."

(Example: At Public Hospitals, Going 'Lean' Has Improved Finances and Efficiency, Reports Journal of Healthcare Management. The journal is published by the Foundation of the American College of Healthcare Executives and Wolters Kluwer.)

If media ask to see your article, contact Joseph Pixler or your point of contact at the Journal of Healthcare Management for a PDF.

If you are not writing a press release but instead want to pitch to journalists or bloggers, please follow these guidelines:

  • Note the article embargo date.
  • Include a link to the journal name with hyperlink to the journal website, title of article, and the article's DOI number.
  • In response to requests for a PDF of your article, reach out to Joseph Pixler or other contact at the journal for a copy.

Social Media Posts

Promoting your published article on your personal or institution's social media pages is another way to drive awareness of your research. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube make it easy for readers, authors, and others to share research findings.

Please consider these tips:

  • Follow @ACHEConnect and @WKHealth on Twitter and include them in your posts to promote retweeting by ACHE and Wolters Kluwer
  • Whatever social media channel you use, include the link to the study on the journal website with your posts. Links directly to the article from your social media posts will help increase shares and your exposure to your research.