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  • Updated:   8/22/2019
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Dry Needling on the Infraspinatus Latent and Active Myofascial Trigger Points in Older Adults With Nonspecific Shoulder Pain: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Calvo-Lobo, César; Pacheco-da-Costa, Soraya; Martínez-Martínez, Jorge; More

Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy. 41(1):1-13, January/March 2018.

Determining Risk of Falls in Community Dwelling Older Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Using Posttest Probability

Lusardi, Michelle M.; Fritz, Stacy; Middleton, Addie; More

Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy. 40(1):1-36, January/March 2017.

The Coach2Move Approach: Development and Acceptability of an Individually Tailored Physical Therapy Strategy to Increase Activity Levels in Older Adults With Mobility Problems

de Vries, Nienke M.; van Ravensberg, C. Dorine; Hobbelen, Johannes S. M.; More

Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy. 38(4):169-182, October/December 2015.