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Journal Format Changes, Journal Status, and Reviewer Appreciation 2019

Section Editor(s): Allison, Leslie K. PT, PhD; Editor

Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy: April/June 2019 - Volume 42 - Issue 2 - p 57–58
doi: 10.1519/JPT.0000000000000231

Journal Format Changes: Readers will notice in this and the remaining issues of 2019 that we have adopted a ‘hybrid’ journal format with some articles published ‘in-print’ as usual, plus additional articles published ‘online-only' with the author's permission. These ‘online-only’ articles will not appear in-print, but will be citation-ready, with assigned Volume, Issue and Page numbers equivalent to in-print articles. This format better accommodates the large number of previously accepted papers within a shorter time period. It also benefits both authors, whose work will be published sooner, and readers, who will more promptly receive recent valuable evidence. The Editors extend their sincere appreciation to the AGPT Board of Directors for their substantial support in this effort to more rapidly advance knowledge translation to the field.

Journal Status: The Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy continues to experience a substantial increase in the submission rate. We received 224 submissions in 2018, of which 215 were entered into the peer-review system. These reviewed submissions represent an increase of 20% compared with 2017. Manuscripts originated from the United States and 32 other countries. Of papers for which final disposition was determined in 2018, 27% were accepted. Journal Citation Reports indicate a 2017 impact factor of 2.096 for the Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy. SCImago ranks the Journal in the top 45% of geriatrics and gerontology journals (44/108; 41%), and the top 30% of rehabilitation journals (35/122; 29%).

Reviewer Appreciation: Manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy undergo a multi-step, sequential review process that requires the coordinated efforts of the Journal's Editor, five Associate Editors, and numerous Reviewers. I extend my sincere thanks to our dedicated Associate Editors: Bill Andrews, Kevin Chui, Ann Medley, Kerstin Palombaro, and Robert Wellmon, who all work diligently to review many submitted manuscripts and shepherd them through the review process. In addition to myself and the Associate Editors, the 94 Editorial Board members and Reviewers listed below each reviewed 1 or more manuscripts for the Journal in 2018. We are grateful for their service and sincerely appreciate the time and effort they invest to support the Journal.

—Leslie K. Allison, PT, PhD, Editor

Reviewers for 2018

Daniela Abreu

Alia Alghwiri

Sugalya Amatachaya

Marina Arkkukangas

Garrett Ash

Dale Avers

Keith Avin

April Barry

Katherine Beissner

Michael Bemben

Richard Bohannon

Robert Briggs

Kathryn Brown

Jennifer Bunn

Ryan Campbell

Stephen Carp

Tracey Collins

Rebecca Crouch

Tiago da Silva Alexandre

Nicole Dawson

Laurie Devaney

Zeevi Dvir

Ellen Erdman

Christian Evans

Jason Falvey

Susanne Finnegan

Richard Fortinsky

Stacy Fritz

Anne Galgon

Arzu Genç

Patricia Gillette

Susan Glenney

Hui-Ting Goh

Laura Gras

Tamara Gravano

Michelle Gray

Michelle Green

Dawn Gulick

Timothy Hanke

Peter Hartley

Janine Hatch

Jill Heitzman

Nancy Henderson

Tiffany Hilton

Min Hui Huang

Susan Hunter

Elena Iconaru

Kent Irwin

Eric Johnson

Michal Katz-Leurer

Timothy Kauffman

Justin Keogh

Dennis Klima

Neeraj Kumar

Sarah Lamb

Kelly Lindenberg

Derek Liuzzo

Mark Loftin

Michelle Lusardi

Corrie Mancinelli

Caryn McAllister

Kenneth Miller

Carol Miller

Marilyn Moffett

Brad Myers

Theresa Nemmers

Kevin Neville

Arco Paul

Melissa Peterson

Enrique Pineda

Patricia Pohl

V Prakash

Mindy Renfro

Thais Resende

Jon Rizzo

Scot Sawyer

Lori Schrodt

Ignácio Seixas da Silva

Cathie Sherrington

Harshvardhan Singh

Jaclyn Sions

James Smith

Veronica Southard

Michal Steffl

Anielle Takahashi

Sayed Tantawy

Elizabeth Thompson

Elaine Trudelle-Jackson

Frank Tudini

Bayram Unver

Harvey Wallmann

Sheila Watts

Fran Wedge

Sheng-Che Yen

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