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The Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care (JFMPC), is associated and affiliated with various academic and professional organizations globally. The journal is accredited by the Academy of Family Physicians of India (www.afpionline.com). The journal promotes the primary care research activities of the members of the WONCA (World Organization of Family Doctors) South Asia Region (www.globalfamilydoctor.com). JFMPC publishes a special section “Family Medicine Hall of Fame” featuring prominent family medicine leaders in partnership with WONCA South Asia. JFMPC supports research work of young family doctors and primary care researchers globally and especially the forum of the South Asian Young Family Doctors Movement -The Spice Route Movement (http://woncaspiceroute.org). The journal offers a waiver to medical students for publishing ICMR STS (Indian Council for Medical Research - Short Term Studentship https://sts.icmr.org.in/) research project reports within the domain of primary care. Several academic departments of reputed health sciences institutions such as AIIMS (All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences) New Delhi and PGIMS (Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences) Chandigarh have associated with JFMPC for publishing special issues on focused topics. Over decade JFMPC has emerged as prominent forum and Center for Primary Care Research globally.