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Al-Shahri, Mohammad Z. FFCM (KFU)

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Journal of Family and Community Medicine 5(1):p 65, Jan–Jun 1998.
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This textbook of 13 chapters, opens with a one on learning in general practice emphasizing the available opportunities and the potential challenges. The second chapter gives an overview of the primary health care system in the UK, with some reference to other countries. Chapter 3 introduces the most important activity for the general practitioner, the consultation. The doctor-centered and the patient-centered approaches together with the assessment of their effectiveness are among the points nicely addressed. Chapters 4 and 5 describe some of the common illnesses encountered in general practice and the approach to their diagnosis and management. Chapter 6 places appropriate emphasis on the psychological issues in primary care describing their impact on the practice and outlining the common ethical concerns related to them. Some of the most important clinical skills for the primary care physicians are addressed in chapter 7. Chapter 8 provides information on the profound effect a chronic illness has on a patient′s life. Chapter 9 gives an insight on treating people in their homes citing a few interesting case studies to widen the reader′s scope on the subject. In chapter 10, consideration is given to the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary for effective health promotion in general practice. Research and audit in general practice are duly given a special stress in chapter 11, to enable the practitioner to plan effective changes when appropriate. Chapter 12 introduces medical management as an integral part of the medical student′s training. The book ends with a chapter on the life of the general practitioner to remind us of the unbreakable link between personal and professional life. Although the book is mainly intended for undergraduate trainees in the UK, its format, style and content make it relevant for a much wider range of professionals concerned with primary care everywhere.

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