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Dermatology in focus

El-Samahy, May

Journal of the Egyptian Women's Dermatologic Society 15(3):p 119-121, September 2018. | DOI: 10.1097/01.EWX.0000549541.34022.75
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Dermatology in Focus, the 26th International Conference of the Egyptian Women’s Dermatologic Society.

The conference was held in Fairmont Towers Heliopolis Hotel, Cairo, Egypt on the 6th and 7th December 2017 and extended from the 8th–10th December on a Nile cruise crossing from Luxor to Aswan in Upper Egypt. The conference focused on newer insights into the diagnosis and treatment of many dermatological diseases together with multiple workshops dedicated to cosmetic dermatology. The main international guest and keynote speakers included Dr Alain Tenenbaum, the President of the Swiss Academy of Plastic Surgery and the inventor of the endopeel. He explained in full detail the principle, the technique, and the mode of action and he demonstrated the results by before-and-after photographs. Professor Andreas Katsambas delivered two excellent presentations concerning his tips and tricks in using botulinum toxins and fillers. He gave full details on the eight points lift used to maximize the results for rejuvenation with the least amount of products. One of the best presentations was given by Professor Stefano Veraldi, the Head of Dermatology Department of Milan University. He presented a number of rare cases from different areas of the world ‘Gifts from the Tropics’. He presented a number of rare cases from the tropical countries. Also, being an expert in acne and rosacea, he discussed the updates in the treatment strategies for these conditions. Professor Fayza El-Ali, a consultant of Dermatology in the United Arab Emirates discussed what a dermatologist considers a ‘grey zone for the diagnosis and treatment in our specialty’.







Different workshops including basic and advanced courses on trichoscopy, best techniques for filler injections, thread for rejuvenation, and different types of chemical peeling were done. The use of laser and and energy-based devices with a focus on High intensity focused ultrasound technology and plasmage were fully discussed with live demonstrations and workshops.

Besides the great number of live demonstrations and workshops, lectures concerning hot topics as the value of vitamin D for hair fall, the use of amniotic membrane in the treatment of wounds, the role of stem cells, and their future in dermatology were discussed. The exhibition area was full with more than 50 pharmaceutical and device companies and they showed multiple activities with delegates. Prizes were presented to four professors who won national medals as rewards for their valuable scientific research.


The conference was extended on the Nile cruise where small group discussions were done concerning the most common problems encountered in our daily practice regarding rejuvenation, hair fall, acne vulgaris, and others.

The next conference will be on 12 and 13 December in Hilton Heliopolis, formerly Fairmont Towers, Cairo, Egypt, where more workshops with hands-on training will be the theme of the conference. The 2 days extension will be in the Red Sea where sun, sea, sand, and beauty are intermingled. Hope to see you all in our conference.

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