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What Are You Bringing to the Party?

Borger, Angela L.

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Journal of the Dermatology Nurses’ Association 15(2):p 61-62, 3/4 2023. | DOI: 10.1097/JDN.0000000000000731
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Hopefully, everyone has had the opportunity to read the Journal of the Dermatology Nurses' Association (JDNA) Associate Editor Kyleen Davis' article in the last issue about the history of the first 15 years of the JDNA. As someone who has been involved with the Journal from the beginning, I am not hesitant both to be very proud of our beginnings and to celebrate how far we've come. It is my hope that I can continue to celebrate the JDNA's 15th anniversary throughout the entire year! Did anyone notice the new logo on our cover (Figure 1)? This was developed with the help of our publisher to acknowledge and celebrate our anniversary; please take time to notice this year's issues with this special logo.

JDNA's 15th anniversary logo.

But, what I haven't yet told everyone is that this year is a landmark not only for the JDNA but for myself as well. I think I've told you all before I love an excuse for a good party! Before you get the next issue (15.3), I will have personally celebrated a birthday with a “0” at the end, and especially like many of us in dermatology, I think I am a bit ambivalent about aging. On one hand, of course, I am thrilled to have another year and am thankful for more opportunities for fabulousness, although I also am a bit less thrilled about the associated changes that occur with aging, from both a cosmetic and physical perspective. Umm…maybe that's why so many people, myself included, turn to antiaging treatment options? Although I don't think I present as a particularly vain person, I find myself being aware of certain aging changes. And, I don't always like it! If anyone is not shy or bashful, I'd love for you to share what you have personally done to, ahem, augment your natural beauty as you have also aged. Would you share your thoughts about aging with me?

Now, one benefit of getting older is less hesitation, and a greater self-confidence, in asking for what I need, and I am not afraid to use this newfound confidence for the benefit of the JDNA! I know that, over the last 15 years, I have tried asking nicely and tried to persuade all dermatology nurse experts into volunteering for the JDNA. I am not against the heavy-sell and, once again, am not so gently reminding readers that the JDNA needs your support and help. The JDNA is not a success without readers, authors, peer reviewers, and Editorial Board members. We need you. Now, I am not normally one to boss people around but…can you tell I was the person going around with the sign-up sheet to have everyone sign up to bring an item to the party/end-of-year-event celebration? It continues to be the JDNA party, and I am importantly asking you all to bring something to the celebration.

So, and I think it's now come to this, without further ado, please see Figure 2, which is the “sign-up” sheet that I am passing around, asking each of you to consider signing up to volunteer with the JDNA. I expect (am hopeful) that you'll all get back to me with what you plan to bring to the JDNA in the next year. If you think about school and office potluck parties that you have been to, I think you'll recall there are always really good stand-out dishes. I am hoping some of you will supply the basics for the next year but that there will also be some exceptional, stand-out “dishes” served at the JDNA party. What will you bring?

JDNA's 2023 sign-up sheet for volunteers.

As always, looking forward to hearing from you,

Angela L. Borger
[email protected]

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