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On the shoulders of giants

Kohnen, Thomas MD, PhD, FEBO

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Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery: October 2020 - Volume 46 - Issue 10 - p 1329-1330
doi: 10.1097/j.jcrs.0000000000000377
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No man is an island, and none of us, despite our individual hard work and discipline, would be where we are today if it was not for those who blazed the trail before us and supported our journey. This is especially true for this journal. In 1996, during the advent of an internet-connected world, Dr. Stephen Obstbaum (ASCRS) and Dr. Emanuel Rosen (ESCRS) recognized that “the aspiration of timely dissemination of peer-reviewed information in the fields of cataract, intraocular lenses, and refractive surgery was a mutually defined goal” shared by both organizations.1 They imagined a journal that would connect the research and experiences of 2 continents and made the decision to merge the Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery and European Journal of Implant and Refractive Surgery into one, giving birth to the combined Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery. With vision and fortitude, both men were committed to the success and academic pursuits of this journal and similarly the advancement of our field. Dr. Obstbaum served as Editor of the journal until 2001. Dr. Rosen, who has been serving the journal for 24 years, entered Editor Emeritus status on September 1, 2020, and thus closed an era for the journal.

Dr. Rosen has a long-standing relationship with medical and scientific publishing in the field of cataract and refractive surgery. He served as Editor for JCRS from 1996 to 2014 and then as Case Reports editor of JCRO from 2014 to 2020, demonstrating a rare and an exceptional level of commitment and dedication. In addition, Dr. Rosen acted as editor of the European Journal of Implant and Refractive Surgery from 1989 to 1996 and has served as Associate Editor of the European Journal of Ophthalmology since 2002. In addition to his contributions to academic publishing, Dr. Rosen was a founding member of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery and practiced as an accomplished consultant and ophthalmic surgeon since 1972. He spent most of his career at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital and then entered private practice in 1995 with special interests in cataract and refractive surgery, medical retinal disease, and ophthalmic clinical litigation.

But every end is also a beginning. The closing of Dr. Rosen’s tenure with JCRS opened the door for Dr. Filomena Ribeiro (Portugal) and Dr. Craig See (United States) to join the JCRS editorial team as our new Case Reports editors. Dr. Ribeiro graduated in Medicine and received her PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Lisbon. She is currently a Professor of Ophthalmology and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Lisbon and researcher at Visual Sciences Research Centre, focusing mainly on eye computational models, IOL power calculations, and refractive surgical correction. Dr. Craig W. See is a cornea specialist at the Cole Eye Institute, Cleveland Clinic Foundation. He received his medical degree from the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and completed ophthalmology residency at the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He then completed a fellowship in cornea and external disease at the Shiley Eye Institute, University of California, San Diego. We welcome the diversity and expertise they both bring to the board and to JCRO.

In addition, the editors are excited to announce that, as of September 1, 2020, the Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery will publish all case reports in our open companion publication, JCRS Online Case Reports (JCRO). This move affords more page space to full-length and technique articles while allowing us to accept more case reports, which will be readily available online to our readership. We believe studying case reports is an important method to improving our field and are excited about this platform to share our common experiences.

It has been amazing to witness the journal’s development and rise in impact over the past 20 years. The current editorial board is keenly aware that this growth and success is the result of a collective effort from many, and we are grateful for the time and devotion that numerous people have given and continue to give to the journal. The JCRS editors and entire Editorial Board commend Dr. Rosen on his 24 years of dedication and thank him for his long-standing commitment to JCRS and JCRO and the academic integrity the journal strives to achieve.

Emanuel Rosen, MD, FRCSEd, JCRS co-founder, JCRS Editor from 1996 to 2014, and JCRO Editor from 2014 to 2020.


1. Obstbaum SA, Rosen ES. From the editors: inauguration of a new journal. J Cataract Refract Surg 1996;22:1
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