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Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery: June 2020 - Volume 46 - Issue 6 - p 928-929
doi: 10.1097/01.j.jcrs.0000681852.40102.21
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The authors express our gratitude for Dr. Bordeianu's interest in our published study (Combined phacoemulsification–viscosynechialysis–trabeculotomy vs phacotrabeculectomy in uncontrolled primary angle-closure glaucoma with cataract).1 The authors regret this obvious misunderstanding of the message they wished to convey. The authors presented a simple practical form of glaucoma classification as an introduction to the procedures presented in the study. The authors also stress the already well-known fact that the European Glaucoma Society is a reputable and robust scientific body whose updated guidelines can be built upon safely and constructively. The argument presented is challenging the European Glaucoma Society classification of glaucoma, which is obviously evidence-based and robust.2,3 The authors appreciate the clarification and stress that the target of the presented study was not to discuss the classification of glaucoma but rather to compare 2 treatment modalities for uncontrolled primary angle-closure glaucoma with cataract. The favorable outcome presented in the study1 proves that the studied approaches were far from being an illogical treatment. The fact that a certain pathological condition could be approached by different ways is well known and every approach that proves effective—through robust scientific methodology—is definitely an enrichment of the published literature and an addition to the treating physician's armamentarium against the specific pathology under study.—Ahmed S Elwehidy, MD, PhD, Nader HL Bayoumi, MD, FRCS(Glasgow), Amani E Badawi, MD, PhD, Sherein M Hagras, MD, Sherein M Hagras, MD, Rania Kamel, MD, PhD


1. Elwehidy AS, Bayoumi NHL, Badawi AE, Hagras SM, Kamel R. Combined phacoemulsification-viscosynechialysis-trabeculotomy vs phacotrabeculectomy in uncontrolled primary angle-closure glaucoma with cataract. J Cataract Refract Surg 2019;45:1738–1745
2. Bordeianu CD. Critical analysis of the classification of glaucomas issued by the European Glaucoma Society in 2008. Clin Ophthalmol 2014;8:271–282
3. Bordeianu CD. A new classification of glaucomas. Clin Ophthalmol 2014;8:1801–1817
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