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November 2020 - Volume 40 - Issue 6

  • Leonard A. Kaminsky, PhD
  • 1932-7501
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  • 6 issues / year
  • Cardiac & Cardiovascular Systems 114/136
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    5-Year Impact Factor: 1.803
    Cite Score: 2.4
    Ranking: Rehabilitation 42/115

​Featured Article of the Week - Oxygen Indications and Utilization in a Diverse, Urban Community Setting​

The benefits of long-term oxygen therapy (LTOT) are well established for people with hypoxemic chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), but the evidence is less compelling for many other conditions, prescribing practices vary and patient non-compliance is common.  The purpose of this pilot study was to better understand the use of supplemental oxygen.  Ninety-four patients on LTOT for at least a month completed the 21-item survey.  Participants were 42% men and 58% women with a mean age of 71.8 years (SD=13).  Self-reported indications for LTOT included COPD (n=37), interstitial lung disease (n=19), congestive heart failure (n=13), shortness of breath (n=28) and other (n-28). Some participants reported more than one indication.  Only 52% reported using the oxygen 18-24 hours/day and 32% reported they were not compliant with their oxygen prescription.  Ninety-five percent reported that they received training when supplemental oxygen was initiated.  Reasons for non-compliance included the equipment was too heavy (n=15), didn’t feel like they needed the oxygen (n=15), forgot to use it (n=6), too complicated to use (n=3) and didn’t like how it made them look (n=2).  This survey was conducted at a single institution and results cannot be generalized to other setting.  This study does illustrate multiple issues with the current use of supplemental oxygen.​

Editor's Comments:
  • JCRP is concluding the celebration of our 40th year with this 6th issue of Volume 40.  I want to thank all that contributed to the special features in Volume 40 in recognition of the impact JCRP has had.
  • This issue includes two excellent Invited Reviews (Rehabilitation of Critically Ill Adults; Pediatric Patients with Congenital Heart Disease), two Invited Commentaries (current CR and PR funded projects; Introducing HL-PIVIT), and a number of excellent research papers.​
  • Please note the Featured Article of the week section above.  Our Editorial group provides a brief overview of one article each week to call your attention to some of the key information you can learn from articles in this issue.
  • I encourage you to post links to specific articles from this issue on your Facebook page and to tweet the links on your Twitter account (use the icons on our home page for both of these JCRP Social Media accounts).  Doing so helps both Clinicians and Researchers to stay current with the latest research in Cardiac Rehabilitation, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, and Prevention.  This will ultimately have a positive influence on patients in Cardiopumonary Rehabilitation Programs. 
  • I wish you all well as we finish out what has been a most challenging year.  Peace, Good WIll, and Good Health to all of you.  We are looking forward to a great year ahead in 2021.

                                 -Lenny Kaminsky, PhD, Editor-in-Chief