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November 2021 - Volume 41 - Issue 6

  • Leonard A. Kaminsky, PhD
  • 1932-7501
  • 1932-751x
  • 6 issues / year
  • Cardiac & Cardiovascular Systems 114/136
  • 2.081
    5-Year Impact Factor: 2.138
    Cite Score: 2.5
    Ranking: Rehabilitation 44/118

Editor's Comments:

I am excited to bring you this sixth issue of 2021.  It includes, for the first time in the Journal, a Special Section with six Invited Reviews focused on important topics in Cardiac Rehabilitation (CR). We had three of our Editorial Board members, Drs. Jeff Christle, Amanda Bonikowske, and Cemal Ozemek serve as Guest Editors for this section.  They each handled two of the reviews and did an excellent job in managing the process from development of the topics, to recruiting the authors, and in overseeing the review process.  A big THANK YOU to these three for an outstanding job.  Please see the link on the right side of this page for a short video featuring a brief overview of the six topics presented by Drs. Christle, Bonikowske​, and Ozemek. I am sure these topics will be useful to both researchers desiring an up-to-date review on these important topics and to clinicians who can glean useful information to apply in their CR programs. We plan on making this Special Section with Focused Reviews an annual feature in the Journal and will expand to include topics on both Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention of cardiopulmonary diseases

This issue includes two other articles related to Cardiac Rehabilitation, one related to Pulmonary Rehabilitation, along with five timely Research Letters.  We just launched the Research Letter format in 2021 and it is proving to be quite popular with investigators as a way to quickly and succiently present new research findings.  Our other new offering type for Rapid Review (for manuscripts that were first submitted to a high impact clinical journal, received a favorable review, but rejected due to that journal’s priority) is also beginning to be utilized.  You will be seeing some of those manuscripts in upcoming issues in 2022.

I encourage you to post links to specific articles from this issue on your Facebook page and to tweet the links on your Twitter account (use the icons on our home page for both of these JCRP Social Media accounts) We recently added an Instagram account, too!  Doing so helps both Clinicians and Researchers stay current with the latest research in Cardiac Rehabilitation, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, and Prevention.  This will ultimately have a positive influence on patients in Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Programs and for individuals seeking preventative approaches.

Also, for authors, please note we updated the Instructions for Authors and the Author Checklist.  Please use these new versions for upcoming submissions to JCRP.
Enjoy this sixth, and last, issue of 2021.
                                 -Lenny Kaminsky, PhD, Editor-in-Chief​