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July 2022 - Volume 42 - Issue 4

  • Leonard A. Kaminsky, PhD
  • 1932-7501
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  • Cardiac & Cardiovascular Systems 67/143 (54%ile)
    Rehabilitation: 24/129 (81%ile)
    Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine: 42/115 (63%ile)
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    5-Year Impact Factor: 2.913
    Cite Score: 3.9

​Greetings.  I am pleased to present you the July issue of 2022. 

 The issue leads off with an informative review of the improvement in women's quality of life with Cardiac Rehabilitation.  The Cardiac Rehabilitation section includes four additional articles including a helpful 4-year update on Cardiac Rehabilitation utilization in Medicare beneficiaries.  The article in the Pulmonary Rehabilitation section also covers quality of life, comparing Pulmonary Rehabilitation programs that involved 2 versus 3 sessions per week.  This issue also includes two reports related to participation by patients with Atrial Fibrillation and two additional articles related to Prevention.  Plus, we have three interesting and timely Research Letters and an Infographic providing an overview of the availability of Cardiac Rehabilitation around the globe.  

 I am confident you will find this issue packed with information that will be helpful to both researchers and clinicians, including the helpful Literature Review section.

 As always, I encourage you to use the links on the web site to share these articles with your colleagues whether by traditional email or using our social media platforms of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

 I am also pleased to highlight this bio sketch of one of our Associate Editors, Patrick Savage, MS, FAACVPR.

 Enjoy the July 2022 issue.

   -Lenny Kaminsky, PhD, FAACVPR, Editor-in-Chief


Patrick D. Savage, MS, FAACVPR

Patrick Savage got his M.S. at Northeastern University and B.S. from Springfield College.  For nearly 30 years he has worked at the University of Vermont Medical Center.  He is the Clinical Lead and a Senior Clinical Exercise Physiologist in Cardiac Rehabilitation.  He is the Editor of the 6th Edition of the Guidelines for Cardiac Rehabilitation and is a member of AACVPR Research Committee.  Research interests including increasing participating in cardiac rehabilitation among underserved populations and developing alternatives to the traditional cardiac rehabilitation programming. 

Cardiac rehabilitation has evolved tremendously over the last 30 to 40 years.  The characteristics and diagnosis of the patients participating in cardiac rehabilitation is much more diverse than ever.  Most of the advancements made in the care of patients in cardiac rehabilitation has been driven by the evidence derived through the scientific process.  JCRP provides a unique opportunity for researchers to share their important scientific findings directly to the clinicians provide patient care.  As an Associate Editor of JCRP and a clinician, I feel fortunate to be part of a process that allows for the dissemination of information that will ultimately benefit the patients we care for in cardiac rehabilitation.