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September 2019 - Volume 30 - Issue 6
pp: 1617-1931,e485-e582

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Treatment of Adult Facial Arteriovenous Malformations: A Review of the Literature and A Single Institution's Experience With “Late” Surgical Resection and Aesthetic Reconstruction

Pedreira, Rachel; Lopez, Joseph; Ostrander, Benjamin T.; More

Journal of Craniofacial Surgery. 30(6):1635-1639, September 2019.

Low-Cost Desktop-Based Three-Dimensional-Printed Patient-Specific Craniofacial Models in Surgical Counseling, Consent Taking, and Education of Parent of Craniosynostosis Patients: A Comparison With Conventional Visual Explanation Modalities

Alshomer, Feras; AlFaqeeh, Faisal; Alariefy, Mohammed; More

Journal of Craniofacial Surgery. 30(6):1652-1656, September 2019.

Preliminary Analysis From the Craniofacial Collaboration United Kingdom Developmental Outcomes in Children With Sagittal Synostosis

Care, Helen; Kennedy-Williams, Patrick; Cunliffe, Alexandra; More

Journal of Craniofacial Surgery. 30(6):1740-1744, September 2019.

Incidence and Prevention of Cicatricial Scleral Show in the Subciliary Access in Patients With Orbital Fractures

Fernandes Lopes Morais D’Autilio, Margarida; Bottini, Davide Johan; Basile, Emanuela; More

Journal of Craniofacial Surgery. 30(6):1782-1786, September 2019.

Surgical Treatment of Polyostotic Craniomaxillofacial Fibrous Dysplasia Associated With Acromegalia: The McCune – Albright Syndrome

Franco, Jéferson Martins Pereira Lucena; Rêgo, Roberto Dias; Gomes, George Matos Ferreira; More

Journal of Craniofacial Surgery. 30(6):1806-1808, September 2019.

Cranial Base Superimposition of Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Images: A Voxel-Based Protocol Validation

Haas Junior, Orion Luiz; Guijarro-Martínez, Raquel; Sousa Gil, Ariane Paredes de; More

Journal of Craniofacial Surgery. 30(6):1809-1814, September 2019.

Bone Morphogenetic Protein-9–Stimulated Adipocyte-Derived Mesenchymal Progenitors Entrapped in a Thermoresponsive Nanocomposite Scaffold Facilitate Cranial Defect Repair

Lee, Cody S.; Bishop, Elliot S.; Dumanian, Zari; More

Journal of Craniofacial Surgery. 30(6):1915-1919, September 2019.

A New Description for Foreign Body Removal in the Maxillary Sinus Using Adapted Optical Fiber Illumination

Polo, Tarik Ocon Braga; Momesso, Gustavo Antônio Corrêa; de Souza Santos, Anderson Maikon; More

Journal of Craniofacial Surgery. 30(6):1928-1931, September 2019.