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Determination of the Anthropometric Measures of the Lips by Age Groups in the Mestiza Population

Serrano-Andrade, J. David MD*; Apellaniz-Campo, Armando MD; Ramírez-Fernández, Francisco J. MD; Castillo-Moreno, Julio MD§; Morales, Jesus M. MD; Gómez, Karen C. MD; Alvarado, Pedro A. MD#

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The Journal of Craniofacial Surgery 34(3):p 1082-1084, May 2023. | DOI: 10.1097/SCS.0000000000008966


Measurements from a certain population may show a similar pattern that allows an alteration to be easily recognized and enable a better surgical approach. In our population, the changes in the anthropometric measurements of the lips are unknown, so our objective is to determine the variations in these measurements by decades of age to achieve a better aesthetic and reconstructive surgical approach. Anthropometric measurements of the lips were taken with a vernier in relation to the previously marked anatomical points. The sample consists of 174 patients who came for care not related to labial pathologies with ages between 20 and 80 years with Mexican nationality. We use the sample calculation formula to estimate an average, with an alpha error of 0.5 and a tolerance of 2 mm of the data for the measurements of the height of the lower face with an average measurement of 56.2 mm and a SD of 8.87 mm of the Marzena’s article. Wyganowska-Świątkowska and colleagues Average measurements were obtained, where a progressive longitudinal increase in measures: al-ch, sbl-cph, sn-Is, li-sto, cph-Is, li-sl, ch-li, li-pg according to aging is confirmed. In contrast, the ch-cph and ch-sbl measures, remain the same despite the aging, showing greater changes in the sagittal plane than in the parasagittal. The study only shows measures of length, so caring out a magnetic resonance imaging study to also measure the volume and perform it with a larger sample to have the optimal standard is further needed.

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