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A link between bilirubin levels and atrial fibrillation recurrence after catheter ablation

Chen, Su-Chan; Chung, Fa-Po; Chao, Tze-Fan; More

Journal of the Chinese Medical Association. 82(3):175-178, March 2019.

Prostate Health Index outperforms other PSA derivatives in predicting a positive biopsy in men with tPSA <10 ng/mL: Largest prospective cohort in Taiwan

Fan, Yu-Hua; Pan, Po-Hsun; Lin, Tzu-Ping; More

Critical Care Medicine. 82(10):772-777, October 2019.

Is intravesical prostatic protrusion a risk factor for hydronephrosis and renal insufficiency in benign prostate hyperplasia patients?

Lu, Chin-Heng; Wu, Howard H.H.; Lin, Tzu-Ping; More

Journal of the Chinese Medical Association. 82(5):381-384, May 2019.

The role of N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide in prognostic evaluation of heart failure

Lam, Carolyn S.P.; Li, Yi-Heng; Bayes-Genis, Antoni; More

Journal of the Chinese Medical Association. 82(6):447-451, June 2019.

Albumin supplementation may have limited effects on prolonged hypoalbuminemia in major burn patients: An outcome and prognostic factor analysis

Chen, Yi-Fan; Ma, Hsu; Perng, Cherng-Kang; More

Journal of the Chinese Medical Association. 83(2):206-210, February 2020.

Performance and short-term outcomes of three different transcatheter aortic valve replacement devices in patients with aortic stenosis: A single-center experience

Tzeng, Yun-Hsuan; Lee, Yung-Tsai; Tsao, Tien-Ping; More

Critical Care Medicine. 82(11):827-834, November 2019.