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WGO Guidelines

Updated:   6/1/2018
Contains:  14 items

WGO Global Perspectives

Updated:   6/1/2018
Contains:  15 items
The Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology welcomes its new partner, the World Gastroenterology Organisation. The articles published in partnership with the WGO will be made available in this special online collection, which focusses on making the Gastroenterology literature extensible and practical to an international audience. Please also visit the WGO web site at

Fecal Transplantation

Updated:   6/1/2018
Contains:  6 items
A historical overview of the must-read articles on fecal transplantation including the landmark study by Grehan et al that shows the manipulation of the colonic microbiota is effective and holds promise for new therapies in the treatment of colonic or metabolic disease and case studies that further elaborate the treatment options.