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Hepatitis B and C: Management and Treatment.

Floch, Martin H., M.D.

Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology: January 2003 - Volume 36 - Issue 1 - p 89
Book, CD ROM, and DVD Reviews

Clinical Professor of Medicine

Yale University School of Medicine

Hepatitis B and C: Management and Treatment. Thierry Poynard, M.D., Ph.D. Martin Dunitz Publishers, London, U.K., 2001; 120 pages, $29.95

This 120-page single-authored monograph is a very clearly written and illustrated text. Both hepatitis B and C are worldwide problems, with an estimated 150 million infected humans. This monograph very clearly outlines the details of the disease, its management, and its treatment. I found it an excellent small monograph with easy reading, very clearly done tables and illustrations, and accurate references.

The major criticism is its lack of depth in certain areas and lack of detailed clinical descriptions. On the other hand, this is its major strength, in that simple, basic information can be obtained easily.

The very clear recommendations for treatment and the use of the drugs are presented by the obviously experienced author. His recommendations and management strategies are very helpful and astute. However, once again, there is no depth in the description of the clinical problems that arise during therapy. Nevertheless, the recommendations and strategies are very clear and should be very helpful to those seeking advice in treatment.

At $29.95, the book is a bargain. It is recommended for any generalist who is going to treat hepatitis patients and for all gastroenterologists. For the experienced hepatologist, it might be too superficial; yet, Dr. Poynard's experience is so broad that it is worthwhile to read his recommendations. This book is contemporary and should be read. It probably will become out of date when new drugs are developed in the coming 3 to 5 years, but, at this time, it is contemporary and extremely useful in practice and is highly recommended for the practitioner treating patients with hepatitis B or C.

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