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Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology: September 2019 - Volume 53 - Issue 8 - p 1–2
doi: 10.1097/MCG.0000000000001248

World Gastroenterology Organisation, Milwaukee, WI

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Welcome to the World Congress of Gastroenterology, to Istanbul and Turkey. We are excited about presenting this outstanding conference in Turkey. We hope to meet as many of you as possible so that we can share with you our enthusiasm for this meeting. This congress is being organized jointly by the World Gastroenterology Organisation (WGO) and Turkish Society of Gastroenterology (TSG).

The meeting will be exceptional with international experts complementing local faculty, over 100 speakers in total, presenting a program with numerous concurrent sessions each day. The convention center—the Istanbul Congress Center—as well as the congress hotels, are located near the famous historic sites of Istanbul, as well as Taksim Square, and is close to the banks of the beautiful Bosphorus. For the first time in the history of the WCOG, many of the sessions will be translated simultaneously into Russian and Turkish.

The program begins on September 21 with 3 Postgraduate Courses: “Hot Topics in Gastroenterology,” “The Bugs Among Us: Microbiota in Health and Disease,” and “Advances in GI Pharmacology.” In addition, we will offer Endoscopy Video Sessions (chaired by Professors Mark Topazian and Seth Gross).

One of the pillars of WGO is the Guidelines and Cascades. Many of WGO’s Guidelines will be highlighted as part of the robust Scientific Program of the WCOG in Istanbul. Be sure to attend the sessions featuring: Celiac Disease (Professor Carolina Olano), Diet and the Gut (Professor Govind Makharia), Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (Professor Greger Lindberg), Hepatocellular carcinoma (Professor Salma Barakat Modawi), Hepatitis B (Professor Vasily A. Isakov), Hepatitis C (Professor Gamal Esmat), Helicobacter pylori in Developing Countries (Professor David Armstrong), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Professor Rami Eliakim), Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis and Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver (Professor Saeed Hamid), Probiotics and Prebiotics (Professor Francisco Guarner), and Tuberculosis (Professor Mohamed Tahiri).

Day 2 commences with several sunrise sessions, Pro/Con sessions, and also a day-long Hands-on-Ultrasonography Course. A highlight will be the WGO Presidential Address given by Professor Cihan Yurdaydin.

WGO is also pleased to feature a “Women in GI” session, chaired by Professors Naima Amrani, Maryam Al Khatry, and Hale Akpinar. This will include presentations “Career Opportunities for Women in GI,” “Role of Women Mentors and How to Establish an Academic Career in GI,” “Do Women in GI Have the Same Opportunities in the East and West?” and “Tips and Tricks for a Successful Career in GI : Pearls From an Expert.”

Professor Richard Kozarek will deliver the Henry L. Bockus Lecture, “The Evolution of Therapeutic Endoscopy: Where Have We Been? Where Are We Going?” The Henry L. Bockus Medal will be awarded to Professor Kozarek at this time. Dr Bockus (1894 to 1982) was a leading American gastroenterologist from Philadelphia, PA with a well-deserved reputation due to the authorship of an outstanding Gastroenterology treatise and the organization of specialty postgraduate courses at the University of Pennsylvania, which were attended by numerous physicians from North and South America as well as from Europe. He was elected President of the first World Congress of Gastroenterology, held in Washington, DC on May 29, 1958.

The WGO General Assembly will take place on September 22 from 12:15 to 13:45.

Day 2 concludes with the formal Opening Ceremony.

The Hands-on-Ultrasonography Course continues on day 3 of the Congress. Also for the first time ever we are partnering with the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology (JCG), the official publication platform for the WGO’s Global Guidelines in the English language, on a JCG session, chaired by Professor Ronnie Fass (Editor-in-Chief of the JCG) and Alejandro Piscoya (Chair of WGO’s Publications Committee).

In addition, WGO will host its popular Train the Trainers alumni and faculty luncheon on Monday, September 23. All of the 1000-plus TTT alumni and faculty are cordially invited to attend the luncheon from 12:00 to 13:00.

While the final day (September 24) again begins with sunrise sessions and the Hands-on-Ultrasonography a highlight is sure to be the Georges Brohée Lecture, delivered by Professor Michael Fried, entitled “Evidence based medicine: How good is the evidence?” Georges Brohée was the founder of the first International Association of Gastroenterology. A medal will be presented to Professor Fried by WGO Member Society, the Société Royale Belge de Gastro-Entérologie (of which Dr Brohée was also a founder).

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The Master of the WGO Award is the highest honor WGO can bestow on a member and is granted only to those individuals who have provided outstanding dedication to the mission of the WGO and achieved distinction in such areas as scholarly research, teaching, and service to WGO and the community at large.

The Award was created to recognize these contributions and by this recognition provide incentive, encouragement, and guidance for others to significantly contribute to their fields. The Masters of the WGO Award is a capstone career award and is given in conjunction with each World Congress of Gastroenterology.

In 2019, WGO is proud to present the MWGO Award to the following individuals during the General Assembly: T.S. Chandrasekar (India), Henry Cohen (Uruguay), Daiming Fan (China), Makki H. Fayadh (Iraq), Peter Ferenci (Austria), Eamonn Quigley (Unites States), and James Toouli (Australia).

There is still time to register! Please visit to learn more! We look forward to seeing you in Istanbul!

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With the annual celebration of WDHD on May 29, many tools, resources, events, initiatives, and activities are developed by partners and supporters from around the world in promotion of WDHD and to raise awareness of digestive health. The leadership of the WGO and The WGO Foundation extend their appreciation to all who continue advocating and raising awareness around the early diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal cancer.



The success of WDHD 2019 continues with 20 events from 15 countries reported so far this year, including lectures, workshops, public talks, walk-a-thons, blog posts, and publications, and more events slated in support of WDHD 2019 yet to take place.

If you hosted an event already this year you are invited to share summaries and photographs from your event with WGO by email ( Summaries and photographs will be featured on the WGO Web site, in future issues of e-WGN, and promoted through social media.

WGO and WGO Foundation greatly value the global support for the annual WDHD campaign. In 2020, we look forward to advocating and raising awareness about the importance of the gut microbiome. The WDHD 2020 campaign will be led by Professor Eamonn Quigley (United States). Stay tuned for more information!

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