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April-June 2010 - Volume 35 - Issue 2
pp: 57-106

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Risk Management & Safety

Accreditation & Clinical Engineering

The Medical Information Technology Network, Clinical Engineering, and IEC 80001

Yang, Hongli; Hyman, William A.

Journal of Clinical Engineering. 35(2):81-85, April-June 2010.

Guidance for Endoscope Repairs

Sherman, Paul

Journal of Clinical Engineering. 35(2):86-87, April-June 2010.

Software Applications in Healthcare Technology Management: A Review

Abayazeed, SidAhmed A.; Hamza, Alnazier O.

Journal of Clinical Engineering. 35(2):88-92, April-June 2010.

Biomedical/Clinical Engineers Improve Patient Safety by Reporting Medical Device Problems to the Food and Drug Administration

Hoffman, Alan

Journal of Clinical Engineering. 35(2):93-94, April-June 2010.

Engineering a Health Level Seven Standard Interface and Wireless Infrastructure to Improve the Efficiency of Electrocardiogram Analysis at Hartford Hospital

McGeary, Danielle C.; Renouf, Raymond R.; Zhu, Quing; More

Journal of Clinical Engineering. 35(2):95-97, April-June 2010.

Creating Competitive Edge Strategy in a Medical Device Service Organization

Cram, Nicholas

Journal of Clinical Engineering. 35(2):98-106, April-June 2010.