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Maintenance Model for Minimizing Risk and Optimizing Cost-effectiveness of Medical Equipment in Palestine

Khalaf, Abdelbaset

Journal of Clinical Engineering. 29(4):210-217, October-November-December 2004.

Comparative Study Between Daubechies and Coiflets Wavelet Decomposition Mother Families in Feature Extraction of BCI Based on Multiclass Motor Imagery Discrimination

Elmahdi, Rania; Amed, Nosaiba Yusuf; Amin, Magdy Baker M.; More

Journal of Clinical Engineering. 44(1):41-46, January/March 2019.

Global Failure Rate: A Promising Medical Equipment Management Outcome Benchmark

Wang, Binseng; Eliason, Richard W.; Vanderzee, Steven C.

Journal of Clinical Engineering. 31(3):145-151, July-September 2006.

Evidence-Based Maintenance: Part IV—Comparison of Scheduled Inspection Procedures

Wang, Binseng; Rui, Torgeir; Koslosky, Jared; More

Journal of Clinical Engineering. 38(3):108-116, July/September 2013.

A Neural-Network-Based Model for the Removal of Biomedical Equipment From a Hospital Inventory

Cruz, Antonio Miguel; Denis, Ernesto Rodríguez

Journal of Clinical Engineering. 31(3):140-144, July-September 2006.