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January/February 2014 - Volume 38 - Issue 1
pp: 1-152

Preliminary Results: Prospective Clinical Study to Assess Image-Based Iterative Reconstruction for Abdominal Computed Tomography Acquired at 2 Radiation Dose Levels

Pourjabbar, Sarvenaz; Singh, Sarabjeet; Singh, Anand K.; More

Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography. 38(1):117-122, January/February 2014.

Three-Dimensional Computed Tomographic Angiography of the Liver for Planning Hepatic Surgery: Effect of Low Tube Voltage and the Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm on Image Quality

Honda, Keiichi; Oda, Seitaro; Katahira, Kazuhiro; More

Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography. 38(1):131-136, January/February 2014.