Dear Readers,

As we begin another year of JCAT, we look back on 2017 to remember those we have lost. Here I must sadly report the untimely deaths of two of our most loyal authors, reviewers, and Editorial Board members -- Dr. William G. Bradley and Andrew Dwyer. Both made tremendous contributions to JCAT and to imaging science and I counted them both as friends.

But we must forge ahead. This month's issue has some interesting articles on Breast imaging and prognosis that are worth investigating.

Take care,

Allen Elster, MD


Current Issue Highlights

Computed Tomography Image Quality Evaluation of a New Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm in the Abdomen (Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction–V) a Comparison With Model-Based Iterative Reconstruction, Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction, and Filtered Back Projection Reconstructions

Goodenberger, Martin H.; Wagner-Bartak, Nicolaus A.; Gupta, Shiva; More

Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography. 42(2):184-190, March/April 2018.