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May 2019 - Volume 20 - Issue 5

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Volume 19, November 2018, Supplement 2: Abstracts of the XIX Meeting of the Società Italiana di Chirurgia Cardiaca, Rome, November 23rd - 25th, 2018
Published November 2018

Current Issue Highlights


IGENDA protocol: gender differences in awareness, knowledge and perception of cardiovascular risk: An Italian multicenter study

Maffei, Silvia; Cugusi, Lucia; Meloni, Antonella; More

Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine. 20(5):278-283, May 2019.


Insertable cardiac monitor detection of silent atrial fibrillation in candidates for percutaneous patent foramen ovale closure

Scacciatella, Paolo; Jorfida, Marcella; Biava, Lorenza M.; More

Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine. 20(5):290-296, May 2019.

Coronary artery disease

Heart failure

Arrhythmic risk stratification in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy and intermediate left ventricular dysfunction

Merlo, Marco; Gentile, Piero; Artico, Jessica; More

Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine. 20(5):343-350, May 2019.

Structural heart intervention