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Utility of Distal Forearm DXA as a Screening Tool for Primary Osteoporotic Fragility Fractures of the Distal Radius: A Case-Control Study

Miyamura, Satoshi; Kuriyama, Kohji; Ebina, Kosuke; More

JBJS Open Access. 5(1):e0036, January-March 2020.

Failure Rates of Autograft and Allograft ACL Reconstruction in Patients 19 Years of Age and Younger: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Cruz, Aristides I. Jr.; Beck, Jennifer J.; Ellington, Matthew D.; More

JBJS Open Access. 5(4):e20.00106, October-December 2020.

Ensuring Business Continuity of Musculoskeletal Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Experience of a Tertiary Orthopaedic Surgery Department in Singapore

Liow, Ming Han Lincoln; Tay, Kenny Xian Khing; Yeo, Nicholas Eng Meng; More

JBJS Open Access. 5(2):e0050, April-June 2020.

Expert-Based Consensus on the Principles of Pavlik Harness Management of Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip

Kelley, S.P.; Feeney, M.M.; Maddock, C.L.; More

JBJS Open Access. 4(4):e0054, October-December 2019.

A Virtual Curriculum to Prepare Medical Students to Achieve Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education Level-1 Milestones in Orthopaedic Surgery

Morley, Meghan; Kellish, Alec S.; Fleischer, Lindsay; More

JBJS Open Access. 6(1):e20.00117, January-March 2021.

Collaborative Creation of Regional Opioid-Prescribing Guidelines in Orthopaedics: Description of a Process, Measurement of Its Effectiveness, and Impact on Patient Satisfaction at a Participating Institution

Bisson, Leslie J.; Kluczynski, Melissa A.; Intrieri, Kevin M.; More

JBJS Open Access. 6(2):e20.00138, April-June 2021.

Preoperative Risk Prediction Models for Short-Term Revision and Death After Total Hip Arthroplasty: Data from the Finnish Arthroplasty Register

Venäläinen, Mikko S.; Panula, Valtteri J.; Klén, Riku; More

JBJS Open Access. 6(1):e20.00091, January-March 2021.

Bone Graft Augmentation for Severe Glenoid Bone Loss in Primary Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty: Outcomes and Evaluation of Host Bone Contact by 2D-3D Image Registration

Lorenzetti, Adam; Streit, Jonathan J.; Cabezas, Andres F.; More

JBJS Open Access. 2(3):e0015, September 28, 2017.

The Impact of Patient Age on Foot and Ankle Arthrodesis Supplemented with Autograft or an Autograft Alternative (rhPDGF-BB/β-TCP)

Berlet, Gregory C.; Baumhauer, Judith F.; Glazebrook, Mark; More

JBJS Open Access. 5(4):e20.00056, October-December 2020.

Combined Transfer of the Gluteus Maximus and Tensor Fasciae Latae for Irreparable Gluteus Medius Tear Using Contemporary Techniques: Short-Term Outcomes

Maldonado, David R.; Annin, Shawn; Chen, Jeffrey W.; More

JBJS Open Access. 5(4):e20.00085, October-December 2020.

Use of the Behavior Assessment Tool in 18 Pilot Residency Programs

Armstrong, April D.; Agel, Julie; Beal, Matthew D.; More

JBJS Open Access. 5(4):e20.00103, October-December 2020.

Implementation of Procedure-Specific Opioid Guidelines: A Readily Employable Strategy to Improve Consistency and Decrease Excessive Prescribing Following Orthopaedic Surgery

Wyles, Cody C.; Hevesi, Mario; Ubl, Daniel S.; More

JBJS Open Access. 5(1):e0050, January-March 2020.