A New, Easy, Fast, and Reliable Method to Correctly Classify Acetabular Fractures According to the Letournel System

by Riouallon, Guillaume; Sebaaly, Amer; Upex, Peter; Zaraa, Mourad; Jouffroy, Pomme

Background: Accurate classification of acetabular fractures remains difficult. To aid in the classification of acetabular fractures and to aid in teaching, ou...

Preoperative Skin-Surface Cultures Can Help to Predict the Presence of Propionibacterium in Shoulder Arthroplasty Wounds

by MacNiven, Ian; Hsu, Jason E.; Neradilek, Moni B.; Matsen, Frederick A. III

Background: Propionibacterium species are commonly cultured from specimens harvested at the time of revision shoulder arthroplasty. These bacteria reside in n...

The Effect of Rotator Cuff Repair on Natural History: A Systematic Review of Intermediate to Long-Term Outcomes

by Chalmers, Peter N.; Ross, Hunter; Granger, Erin; Presson, Angela P.; Zhang, Chong; Tashjian, Robert Z.

Background: Rotator cuff disease can have a progressive natural history of increasing tear size and worsening function. It remains unknown whether rotator cuf...

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