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Volar Locking Plate Versus Dorsal Locking Nail-Plate Fixation for Dorsally Displaced Unstable Extra-Articular Distal Radial Fractures: Functional and Radiographic Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial

Eikrem, Morten; Brannsten, Hege; Bjørkøy, Dagfinn; More

JBJS Open Access. 6(4):e21.00068, October-December 2021.

Patient-Reported Outcomes and Factors Associated with Achieving the Minimal Clinically Important Difference After ACL Reconstruction: Results at a Mean 7.7-Year Follow-up

Nwachukwu, Benedict U.; Sullivan, Spencer W.; Rauck, Ryan C.; More

JBJS Open Access. 6(4):e21.00056, October-December 2021.

Injury to the Meniscofemoral Portion of the Deep MCL Is Associated with Medial Femoral Condyle Bone Marrow Edema in ACL Ruptures

Moran, Jay; Katz, Lee D.; Schneble, Christopher A.; More

JBJS Open Access. 6(4):e21.00069, October-December 2021.

Analysis of Social Media Perceptions Among Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Applicants and Social Media Use by Residency Programs During the 2020 to 2021 Cycle

Checketts, Jake X.; Hunt, Tyler; Checketts, Beaun R.; More

JBJS Open Access. 6(4):e21.00083, October-December 2021.