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JBJS Open Access (JBJS OA) is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal from the publishers of The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery. The mission of this continuously published online-only journal is to provide a steady flow of comprehensive, objective, and evidence-based basic-science and clinical studies that have the potential to impact orthopaedic care worldwide.  JBJS OA maintains the same standards of excellence that are the hallmarks of all products in the JBJS portfolio. JBJS OA expands the capacity of JBJS to meet the evolving needs of the orthopaedic community by disseminating knowledge on an open-access platform that is free of charge for all readers.

Co-edited by Eng Hin Lee, MD, FRCSC, and Robin R. Richards, MD, FRCSC, along with a distinguished Editorial Board, each issue of JBJS OA provides the orthopaedic community with essential reading on the latest advances in orthopedic surgery. JBJS OA welcomes manuscripts on basic science and clinical studies on the musculoskeletal system as well as on orthopedic education and training.

Contributions from anywhere in the world are welcome and are considered on their merits. The manuscript must be written in English and should be submitted as outlined in the Instructions for Authors. Manuscripts are subject to blinded peer review by experts and a final decision by the Co-Editors. Papers are judged by the quality and relevance of the work. Our aim is to publish the best material available from anywhere in the world.


JBJS OA serves the orthopaedic community as the premier open-access orthopaedic journal by focusing on several specific differentiators and factors for success.

  • Trusted Content: JBJS OA offers the same quality, editorial oversight, and innovation that are the hallmarks of The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery.
  • Constructive Peer Review: Manuscripts are evaluated by the Co-Editors, Associate Editors, Consultant Reviewers, and editorial staff of JBJS OA. Authors receive a comprehensive, constructive, and balanced peer review after submission. Our instructions to peer reviewers specifically require them to ensure that a fair critique is provided to the author.
  • Substantive Copyediting: JBJS OA only publishes manuscripts that achieve the highest levels of quality, accuracy, and clarity. All accepted manuscripts will be copyedited to the same rigorous standards as articles that are published in The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery.
  • Discoverability and Access: Articles published in JBJS OA are fully citable. The application for MEDLINE indexing will be made as soon as the journal reaches the appropriate milestones. Once approved, all previously published articles will be indexed. Articles will be easily accessible and searchable from Google and across different database products.
  • Timeliness: Articles will be published in a continuous manner over the course of each month to ensure a steady flow of new information.
  • International Perspective: Authors from anywhere in the world are encouraged to submit manuscripts to JBJS OA as the practice of orthopaedic surgery is international. JBJS OA is dedicated to communicating the best evidence and most advanced data on the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disease from around the world.
  • Innovation: As an online-only open-access publication, JBJS OA is uniquely positioned to leverage the digital medium to add value for the reader in terms of speed, access, and content.

Ethics Policy

This Ethics Policies document is intended to inform the public and all persons affiliated with The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, Inc., of its general ethics policies. These policies pertain to all publications produced by JBJS, Inc.

JBJS Open Access Statistics

ISSN: 2472-7245

Published in the United States by The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, Incorporated.


JBJS OA is indexed in PubMed Central, Scopus, the Directory of Open Access Journals, Portico, and CrossRef.  Articles are discoverable via PubMed. 

Instructions for Potential Authors

Authors who wish to submit an article for publication in JBJS OA should review our Instructions for Authors. All submitted manuscripts will undergo peer review, and the decision to accept will depend on the outcome of the review process.

Authors retain copyright to their articles. After an article has been accepted, all authors will be required to sign a License to Publish form and upload that form to the JBJS OA manuscript submission system. The article will then be published under the terms of the Creative Commons AttributionNonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND) license or under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY) license.

Article Processing Charge (APC)

The APC is $2,250 USD. The APC is charged on acceptance of the article and must be paid in full within 30 days by credit card by the author, funding agency, or institution. If the author originally submitted the paper to The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery and has paid a submission fee, the author will receive a $250 USD coupon code to use upon acceptance for publication in JBJS OA, making the total APC $2,000 USD. Additional payment instructions will be provided at the time of acceptance.


JBJS was founded by the American Orthopaedic Association in 1903 and is the Official Journal of the American Orthopaedic Association.

The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, Inc., is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to producing a family of print and online publications related to the field of orthopaedics. The flagship publication, The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, dates its origins back to the 1889 Transactions of the American Orthopedic Association. Other publications in the JBJS portfolio include JBJS Case Connector, JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques, JBJS Reviews, and JBJS Journal of Orthopaedics for Physician Assistants. These electronic publications are designed to help those who practice and research orthopaedics worldwide by connecting surgeons to focused orthopaedic information.

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If you are a media representative and have questions about embargoes, upcoming press releases, or other matters, please contact us at [email protected]. To apply for a Media Subscription, contact us at [email protected].

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