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Randomized Trial of Sacroiliac Joint Arthrodesis Compared with Conservative Management for Chronic Low Back Pain Attributed to the Sacroiliac Joint

Dengler, Julius; Kools, Djaya; Pflugmacher, Robert; More

JBJS. 101(5):400-411, March 6, 2019.

Operative Versus Nonoperative Treatment for Adult Symptomatic Lumbar Scoliosis

Kelly, Michael P.; Lurie, Jon D.; Yanik, Elizabeth L.; More

JBJS. 101(4):338-352, February 20, 2019.

The Effect of Local Versus Intravenous Corticosteroids on the Likelihood of Dysphagia and Dysphonia Following Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion: A Single-Blinded, Prospective, Randomized Controlled Trial

Jenkins, Tyler James; Nair, Rueben; Bhatt, Surabhi; More

JBJS. 100(17):1461-1472, September 5, 2018.

A 20-Year Prospective Longitudinal Study of Degeneration of the Cervical Spine in a Volunteer Cohort Assessed Using MRI: Follow-up of a Cross-Sectional Study

Daimon, Kenshi; Fujiwara, Hirokazu; Nishiwaki, Yuji; More

JBJS. 100(10):843-849, May 16, 2018.

HSS Dysphagia and Dysphonia Inventory (HSS-DDI) Following Anterior Cervical Fusion: Patient-Derived, Validated, Condition-Specific Patient-Reported Outcome Measure Outperforms Existing Indices

Hughes, Alexander P.; Salzmann, Stephan N.; Aguwa, Okezie K.; More

JBJS. 100(10):e66, May 16, 2018.

Lower Extremity Motor Function Following Complex Adult Spinal Deformity Surgery: Two-Year Follow-up in the Scoli-RISK-1 Prospective, Multicenter, International Study

Lenke, Lawrence G.; Shaffrey, Christopher I.; Carreon, Leah Y.; More

JBJS. 100(8):656-665, April 18, 2018.

Global Alignment and Proportion (GAP) Score: Development and Validation of a New Method of Analyzing Spinopelvic Alignment to Predict Mechanical Complications After Adult Spinal Deformity Surgery

Yilgor, Caglar; Sogunmez, Nuray; Boissiere, Louis; More

JBJS. 99(19):1661-1672, October 4, 2017.

Role of Weekly Teriparatide Administration in Osseous Union Enhancement within Six Months After Posterior or Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion for Osteoporosis-Associated Lumbar Degenerative Disorders: A Multicenter, Prospective Randomized Study

Ebata, Shigeto; Takahashi, Jun; Hasegawa, Tomohiko; More

JBJS. 99(5):365-372, March 1, 2017.

Global Forum: Spine Research and Training in Underserved, Low and Middle-Income, Culturally Unique Communities: The World Spine Care Charity Research Program’s Challenges and Facilitators

Brady, O’Dane; Nordin, Margareta; Hondras, Maria; More

JBJS. 98(24):e110, December 21, 2016.

Subclassification of GMFCS Level-5 Cerebral Palsy as a Predictor of Complications and Health-Related Quality of Life After Spinal Arthrodesis

Jain, Amit; Sponseller, Paul D.; Shah, Suken A.; More

JBJS. 98(21):1821-1828, November 2, 2016.