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Register Your Name & Research: ORCID


JBJS is a member of ORCID, a central registry in which you can, for free and in less than a minute, establish a unique personal identifier that connects you to your research. This 16-digit ID number distinguishes you from other authors with the same name and enables others to find your work even if your name differs among bylines (e.g., if your middle initial is used in one byline but not another, or if you publish under different pre-marriage and post-marriage surnames). Once you have your ORCID ID, you yourself create your record, listing whatever publications, affiliations, grants, and links to other identifiers (e.g., a Scopus Author ID) that you think appropriate. You can update this record by simply logging into the site, and you control who can see your information.

You can also use your ORCID ID to log into any Editorial Manager submission site that utilizes the ORCID single sign-on feature. This enables you to access different journal submission sites using one set of credentials—i.e., you don't have to enter your information multiple times. Other platforms, databases, and funding agencies are incorporating ORCID identifiers for this purpose as well.

You can obtain your ORCID ID, and learn more about its uses and benefits for both you and the entire scholarly community, at However, JBJS has made this process even easier for you by allowing you to establish an ORCID ID and record when you submit your manuscript through Editorial Manager. After you log in:

  1. click on the "Update My information" link in the top red menu bar.
  2. scroll down and click on the "Fetch/Register" link next to the ORCID ID field in the Personal Information section
  3. create/retrieve your ORCID record and link it to your Editorial Manager profile.