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JBJS, Inc. Journals Guidelines for Figures

In accordance with HIPAA regulations, remove any patient identifiers (e.g., names, initials, patient numbers) and blur or crop faces so that they are not identifiable prior to submission.

Any digital manipulation of an image—color, contrast, brightness, etc.—must be applied to the entire image figure and may not result in misrepresentation of the original image. Enhancement or alteration of part of an image, without clear and explicit disclosure in the legend, is unacceptable.

Name files using the number of the figure (e.g., Figure1.tif, Figure2.eps, etc.). When uploading these online, enter the name and number of the figure (Figure 1, Figure 2, etc.) into the "description" field. This description should match the figure file name.

Technical specifications:

Resolution and color mode: The resolution of your figures is directly linked to how well they will appear when published. Resolution of digital images is measured in dots per inch (dpi) or pixels per inch (ppi).

  • Images that contain color should be set to RGB color mode and 300 ppi resolution.
  • Images that contain shades of gray but no other color should be set to grayscale mode and 300 ppi resolution.
  • Images that contain only black and white (no color or shades of gray, also known as "line art") should be set to bitmap mode and 1200 ppi resolution.

Image size: An original image size of 5 × 7 in (127 × 178 mm), when cropped of white or blank space, is preferred. The maximum height and width is 7 inches, and the recommended minimum width is 3.25 inches (83 mm). In pixel dimensions:

  • At 300 pixels per inch (ppi) resolution, 5 × 7 in = 1500 × 2100 pixels; 3.25 inches (82.6 mm) = 975 pixels.
  • At 1200 pixels per inch (ppi) resolution, 5 × 7 in = 6000 × 8400 pixels; 3.25 inches = 3900 pixels.

Font size: Any text inserted into figures should be a minimum of 8 points in size and inserted only after they meet the specifications (resolution, mode, and image size) outlined above.

File format: Provide all files in TIFF or EPS format, not JPG. Figures embedded in Word documents are not accepted.

For questions regarding figures, contact the Production Department at [email protected].