​​JBJS, Inc. Journals Group Authorship Guidelines

If a research group is designated as the author of an article, choose one of the options listed in the following table.

All Group Members Fully Meet Criteria for AuthorshipOptionWill All Authors Be Searchable in PubMed?
Yes, and only the group should be listed as the authorList only name of group in byline; list group members in footnote on title page. In Editorial Manager, enter the corresponding author's name onlyYes
Yes, but the byline should include selected members by nameList the names of ≥1 group members in byline, followed by "on behalf of the [name of group]"; list remaining group members in footnote on title page. Only the named members should be entered into Editorial ManagerYes
No, only certain members meet the full criteriaList group members who fully meet authorship criteria in byline; list group members who do not meet all authorship criteria, but contributed to article, in acknowledgment at end of articleNo, only those on the article byline will be searchable