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JBJS, Inc. Journals Confidentiality and Embargo Policy

Revised October 8, 2019

It is the responsibility of all authors of articles submitted to any and all publications of JBJS, Inc., to abide by the following embargo policy.

The embargo means that specific information contained in your article cannot be discussed with the media, published, posted online, or otherwise placed in the public domain until after the article is available on This does not preclude authors from fulfilling the obligations of their grant applications or academic department requirements. There also is an exception for presentations at meetings and publication of abstracts in meeting proceedings. It is your responsibility to ensure that all coauthors are aware of this policy.

Peer review and editing may result in manuscript changes that affect the interpretation of results, conclusions, statistics, and even the number of subjects included in the study as published, so a premature release of information may result in dissemination of incorrect information.

Authors may cite and/or refer to their unpublished article as "submitted to," "under review by," or "accepted by" a JBJS, Inc., journal. Authors must not distribute copies of the manuscript, tables, or figures.

For questions on our embargo policy, please contact [email protected].