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Welcome to the JBJS JOPA library of physical examination and injection technique videos. This is a place for PAs (and NPs, MDs, and DOs) to share their techniques in their field of expertise so that other PAs can learn new, or fine-tune existing, skills. The videos, which are archived as clickable links for quick reference, show either a physical examination of a specific body region or a particular injection. Our goal is to collect multiple videos of the same type of physical examination or injection as we understand that there are several ways to perform each.

How to Submit a Video

Two types of videos may be submitted to JBJS JOPA:

Physical Examination Technique Video

Show how you perform a physical examination in a specific body region. For example, if you specialize in sports medicine you might make a video of your shoulder examination. Start with a brief introduction. Then show a complete physical examination of the body region that would be appropriate for all age groups and potential diagnoses. Mention a comprehensive list of potential diagnoses, demonstrate relevant special testing, and provide clinical pointers throughout the video. The duration of the video should be appropriate for a complete physical examination (generally 10 to 15 minutes).

Injection Technique Video

Show how you perform a particular injection, such as a subacromial, knee, or trigger finger injection.  Start with a brief introduction, then mention the indications for the injection, and then provide step-by-step instructions on how to administer the injection. Make sure to identify the injection site, prepare the site, administer the injection, and describe what you are "feeling for" during the injection.​

You can use a cell phone or camcorder to record your physical examination or injection technique video. Make sure to:

  • record the video in one take, as it cannot be edited after submission
  • inform the patient being filmed that the video will be used for educational purposes
  • avoid showing a patient's face or any identifying information. If possible, use a volunteer for physical examination videos.

Videos should be submitted, without accompanying text except for the title and authors and with a signed Video License Agreement, to the JBJS JOPA Editorial Manager website​.

Video Gallery

Knee aspiration and cortisone injection

Video Author: Sean Hazzard, PA-C
Published on: 02.09.2017

Knee aspiration and cortisone injection

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First-rib stress fracture is considered a potential cause of nonspecific atraumatic chronic shoulder pain in adolescent athletes. However, the etiology in throwing athletes with first-rib fracture is still unknown. The purpose of this retrospective study was to investigate the characteristic clinical features and radiographic findings of overhead throwing athletes with first-rib fracture. Read article
Creator: Dagan Cloutier, PA-C
Duration: 2:58
Creator: Dagan Cloutier, PA-C
Duration: 2:53
Fluoroscopic Guided Hip Injection
Creator: Dagan Cloutier, PA-C
Duration: 3:49
Fluoroscopic Guided Intra-Articular Shoulder Injection
Creator: Dagan Cloutier, PA-C
Duration: 4:14
Fluoroscopic Guided Ankle Injection
Creator: Dagan Cloutier, PA-C
Duration: 2:51
Fluoroscopic Guided Subtalar Joint Injection
Creator: Dagan Cloutier, PA-C
Duration: 2:08
Fluoroscopic Guided Acromioclavicular Joint Injection
Creator: Dagan Cloutier, PA-C
Duration: 4:09
Fluoroscopic Guided Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Injection Video
Creator: Keith Lemay, PA-C
Duration: 3:57
Ultrasound Guided Trigger Finger Steroid Injection Technique
Creator: Sean Hazzard, PA-C
Duration: 3:37
Knee aspiration and cortisone injection
Creator: Dagan Cloutier, PA-C
Duration: 2:16
Injection technique video showing treatment for Trigger Finger.
Creator: Dagan M. Cloutier, PA-C
Duration: 2:34
Viscosupplementation Injection in the Knee
Creator: Vladimir A. Sinkov, MD
Duration: 11:05
Basic Cervical Spine Exam