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Congratulations to the 2019 JBJS EST Award Winners

Cheng, Edward Y. MD; Editor, JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques

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doi: 10.2106/JBJS.ST.20.00025
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In keeping with our tradition of offering awards for the best articles each year, JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques (EST) is pleased to announce the 2019 winners:

  • Key Procedures Series Award: Dylan T. Lowe, Michael T. Milone, Leah J. Gonzalez, and Kenneth A. Egol for their work on “Repair of Tibial Plateau Fracture (Schatzker II)” (2019;9[3]:e25).
  • Subspecialty Procedures Series Award: Anders Odgaard, Jonathan Eldridge, and Frank Madsen for their work on “Patellofemoral Arthroplasty” (2019;9[2]:e15).

The article by Drs. Lowe, Egol, and colleagues addresses a very common fracture that is seen in a variety of settings, in both young and elderly patients, as a high or low-energy injury. Every orthopaedic surgeon likely will have managed at least 1 of these fractures. The authors present a superb video treatise and, in a concise 17 minutes, start with a mini-lecture format, transition to a case-based intraoperative video demonstrating their technique, clinically show their patient’s functional result, and conclude with a summary of both published outcomes and their technical “pearls” that all surgeons will find useful. Each treatment step is rapidly accessible by using the detailed content menu. Regardless of how many of these fractures you have treated, you will benefit and appreciate the fresh approach that the authors have taken to teach us about this fracture. Having this information online and viewable at any time at the point of care (e.g., while reviewing one’s surgical plan immediately before surgery) highlights the importance of how JBJS EST strives to enable surgeons to enhance the care of their patients.

Dr. Odgaard’s team of authors take a different, but equally effective, approach to demonstrate patellofemoral arthroplasty. In a carefully thought-out sequence of steps, they use a combination of text, figures, and 16 video clips to provide JBJS EST readers with a swift understanding of not only how to perform this unique procedure but also when and why. Although patellofemoral arthroplasty is conceptually simple, there are numerous important factors that one must consider in order to ensure a superior outcome. Clearly, viewing these video clips will improve one’s understanding of the level of detail and thoughtfulness required for this procedure.

Again, we congratulate the winners of this year’s awards for the best JBJS EST Key Procedures and Subspecialty Procedures articles. Each year, we see the creativity that authors use to craft and compose video-based technique articles that enhance the quality of our surgical artistry. We again challenge future authors by offering the awards again in 2020 as 1 more incentive for surgeons to share their expertise with their colleagues in JBJS EST—a journal utilizing online delivery, imagery, and video to optimize the educational experience while ensuring the highest quality through reliance on evidence-based outcomes and vetting by JBJS peer reviewers.

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