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Announcing a New Video and Written Abstract Format for All Essential Surgical Techniques Articles

Cheng, Edward Y. MD; Editor, JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques

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JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques: January-March 2020 - Volume 10 - Issue 1 - p e0061
doi: 10.2106/JBJS.ST.19.00061
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JBJS is excited to announce that all Essential Surgical Techniques (EST) articles will soon be uniformly published in an all-video format with a structured written abstract.

Since its inception, the goal of EST has been to be the gold standard for communicating surgical techniques to the orthopaedic surgical community worldwide. We have focused our efforts on being accurate, reliable, and understandable, with 2 important aspects differentiating EST from other similar sources of information: (1) all procedures described are backed by outcomes published in a peer-reviewed journal and (2) every EST article undergoes peer review itself to ensure the highest quality possible. In addition, we have taken advantage of technological advances, both within our own publishing infrastructure and elsewhere, to advance this mission. The value of video as a demonstration and teaching medium was immediately evident to our readers, and its use for that purpose has steadily increased. In 2015, an all-video format debuted with the introduction of the “Key Procedures” (KP) series, with a focus on the most commonly performed orthopaedic procedures. At that time, the “Subspecialty Procedures” (SP) series retained the original format of a written article supplemented with inline video and figures.

Since that time, the all-video format has become extremely popular, as indicated by our web site analytics. Viewers have expressed a clear preference for the all-video format and have recognized the superior ability of video to communicate technical concepts as compared with written text, figures, and images alone. While the incorporation of an all-video format has required adapting the peer review process, the principles have remained the same.

We’re now taking the best of both worlds (online video and traditional written text) and combining them into a single, superior format for all EST articles. Both SP and KP articles will be published as online, all-video articles, with a longer and more detailed abstract accompanying each article to enable surgeons to print out a hard copy summarizing the important take-away concepts.

Awards for the best annual SP and KP article will continue as they have been instrumental in improving the quality of our journal’s content. See for yourself by viewing the 2018 award winners by Keel et al. and Andersen and Figved. Additionally, both article types will continue, with SP articles focusing on procedures commonly performed by subspecialists and KP articles focusing on those performed by general orthopaedists.

Another new feature, currently being tested, is the incorporation of closed captioning. Our international audience includes many foreign-language speakers who can read English readily but have a more difficult time understanding the spoken language. As such, we plan to add closed captioning of the video narration to enhance their understanding of EST content.

As this newer format rolls out in 2020, we are confident that orthopaedic surgeons will embrace these changes as both viewers and authors. We will continue to strive to be on the cutting edge of educating all orthopaedic surgeons, internationally.

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