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Congratulations to 2018 EST Award Winners

Cheng, Edward Y. MD; Editor

JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques: June 25, 2019 - Volume 9 - Issue 2 - p e19
doi: 10.2106/JBJS.ST.19.00025

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In keeping with our tradition of offering awards for the best articles each year, JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques (EST) is pleased to announce the 2018 winners:

  • Subspecialty Series Award: Marius J.B. Keel, Klaus-Arno Siebenrock, Moritz Tannast, and Johannes D. Bastian for their work on “The Pararectus Approach. A New Concept” (2018;8[3]:e21)
  • Key Procedures Series Award: Mette Renate Andersen and Wender Figved for their work on “Use of Suture Button in the Treatment of Syndesmosis Injuries” (2018;8[2]:e13).

The article by Dr. Keel and colleagues is part of our exciting new “Acetabular Exposures Collection.” This series of articles describes surgical approaches to specific portions of the osseous pelvis—and even includes a 3-dimensional interactive pelvic image that can be rotated and manipulated to determine which approach provides optimal access to the target structure. In their distinguished contribution to this collection, Dr. Keel et al. perform a live surgical demonstration, with the assistance of line drawings and other annotations, of the pararectus approach to acetabular fractures. Their excellent presentation lowers the threshold for understanding the complex anatomical relationships and structures accessible through a surgical exposure with which few orthopaedic surgeons are familiar or have experience. Our hope is that this will provide surgeons with the confidence to develop new skills that are useful in tackling challenging pelvic problems.

In their award-winning article, Drs. Andersen and Figved use a series of videos, with many simultaneous inset views of live fluoroscopy, arthroscopy, and other imaging, to elegantly demonstrate the technique of addressing an ankle syndesmosis injury, a common problem that all orthopaedic surgeons have treated.

Again, we congratulate the winners of this year’s awards for the best JBJS EST Subspecialty and Key Procedures articles. We will be offering the awards again in 2019, as one more incentive for surgeons to share their expertise with their colleagues in JBJS EST—a journal utilizing online delivery, imagery, and video to optimize educational experience while ensuring the highest quality through reliance on evidence-based outcomes and vetting by JBJS peer review.

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