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Moving from consultation to co-creation with knowledge users in scoping reviews: guidance from the JBI Scoping Review Methodology Group

Pollock, Danielle; Alexander, Lyndsay; Munn, Zachary; More

JBI Evidence Synthesis. 20(4):969-979, April 2022.

Rapid reviews and the methodological rigor of evidence synthesis: a JBI position statement

Tricco, Andrea C.; Khalil, Hanan; Holly, Cheryl; More

JBI Evidence Synthesis. 20(4):944-949, April 2022.

Effectiveness of using non–traditional teaching methods to prepare student health care professionals for the delivery of the Mental State Examination: a systematic review protocol

Parasuram, Rajni; Huiting, Xie; Wang, Jia; More

JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports. 12(8):3-19, August 2014.

Effectiveness of non-pharmacological interventions to treat orthostatic hypotension in elderly people and people with a neurological condition: a systematic review

Logan, Angela; Freeman, Jennifer; Pooler, Jillian; More

JBI Evidence Synthesis. 18(12):2556-2617, December 2020.

Impact of nurse staffing on patient and nurse workforce outcomes in acute care settings in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review protocol

Assaye, Ashagre Molla; Wiechula, Richard; Schultz, Timothy J.; More

JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports. 16(12):2260-2267, December 2018.

Patients’ perspectives on interprofessional collaboration between health care professionals during hospitalization: a qualitative systematic review

Didier, Amélia; Dzemaili, Shota; Perrenoud, Béatrice; More

JBI Evidence Synthesis. 18(6):1208-1270, June 2020.

The effect of weight management interventions that include a diet component on weight-related outcomes in pregnant and postpartum women: a systematic review protocol

Spencer, Lisa; Rollo, Megan; Hauck, Yvonne; More

JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports. 13(1):88-98, January 2015.