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Critical issues facing the nursing profession: ICN's vision for future healthcare. A message from Howard Catton, CEO of the International Council of Nurses. April 2021

International Council of Nurses CEO Howard Catton discusses global issues facing nurses on International Nurses Day, including the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses' health, global healthcare, advanced practice nursing, nurses' mental health, nursing leadership, and the nursing shortage.

Addressing the primary challenges facing nurse leaders. A message from Robyn Begley, CEO of the American Organization for Nursing Leadership. April 2021

American Organization for Nursing Leadership CEO Robyn Begley discusses primary challenges facing nurse leaders, including access to PPE and other supplies; communicating and implementing changing policies on an extremely frequent basis; surge staffing; reallocation and training; emotional health and wellbeing, including burnout; and the systematic racism present in health care.

Achieving diversity and inclusion in nursing. A message from Beverly Malone, President and CEO of the National League for Nursing. April 2021

National League for Nursing President and CEO Beverly Malone speaks on diversity, inclusion and racism, and how unconscious biases may be preventing us from providing patients with the excellent level of care they deserve.

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