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July 2022 - Volume 20 - Issue 7

  • Edoardo Aromataris, PhD
  • 2689-8381
  • Monthly


We are pleased to present the latest issue​ of JBI Evidence Synthesis, which includes three diverse evidence syntheses each employing a different JBI methodology.

This month's featured systematic review is a review of etiology and risk entitled "Association between alcohol restriction policies and rates of alcohol-related harms in remote Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities." The authors examine the rates of three harms of interest (physical injuries, alcohol-related illness, and rates of alcohol consumption) in remote communities where alcohol restriction policies are in place for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. In an accompanying editorial, the authors discuss the ramifications of enacting such policies without authentic involvement from the people who are affected. Two of the authors offer additional insight into this complex issue in an interview​.

A qualitative review explores the experiences of children growing up with a parent who has military-related post-traumatic stress disorder. The four synthesized findings, which related to family climate, family relations, lasting effects, and pathways forward, all scored highly using the ConQual approach for establishing confidence in the findings. Finally, a systematic review of incidence and prevalence looked at injuries among female cricket players of all ages, participating in all levels of play.

A selection of systematic and scoping review protocols are also available in this issue. We invite you to peruse the full table of contents here.​

Mara Lambert, BA
Managing Editor