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June 2022 - Volume 20 - Issue 6

  • Edoardo Aromataris, PhD
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In the latest issue of JBI Evidence Synthesis, the authors of our featured systematic review sought to answer two seemingly disparate questions: what is it like to live with genital herpes, and what interventions improve health-related quality of life in those with genital herpes? To answer both questions in a single review, the authors employed a mixed methods methodology, allowing them to integrate quantitative and qualitative evidence. The authors discuss their approach and findings in an accompanying editorial​. For researchers interested in conducting a JBI mixed methods review, guidance for this methodology (and 10 other methodologies) can be found in the JBI Manual for Evidence Synthesis.

Additionally, a qualitative systematic review in this issue explored the experiences of patients with lysosomal storage disorders receiving enzyme-replacement therapy and the experiences of their families. We are pleased to offer a JBI Best Practice Information Sheet for this review. This brief four-page summary​ outlines the important details of the review, including the findings and conclusions, as well as the recommendations for practice. JBI Best Practice Information Sheets are available in the JBI Evidence-based Practice Database and are prepared for a selection of systematic reviews published in JBI Evidence Synthesis.

Also in this issue, a scoping review mapped the types and details of assessment instruments used to self-report pain by hospitalized adult stroke patients with communication problems. Finally, protocols for several upcoming scoping projects will map patients' involvement in making important decisions about their care in collaboration with health professionals.

Please see our complete table of contents for issue 6 here.​

Mara Lambert, BA
Managing Editor
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Featured review: Impact of primary and recurrent genital herpes on the quality of life of young people and adults: a mixed methods sytematic review​

​​​​Read an interview with the author here.​

Read the editorial by the author here.​

Mapping the empirical evidence on patient involvement interventions in patients with end-stage kidney disease making end-of-life care decisions: a scoping review protocol

Buur, Louise Engelbrecht; Finderup, Jeanette; Søndergaard, Henning; More

JBI Evidence Synthesis. 20(6):1537-1544, June 2022.