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Cardiovascular disease

  • Updated:   10/10/2021
  • Contains:  54 items
A collection of systematic reviews on cardiovascular disease, which is a collective term for all diseases and conditions involving the heart and blood vessels.

Effectiveness of non-pharmacological interventions to treat orthostatic hypotension in elderly people and people with a neurological condition: a systematic review

Logan, Angela; Freeman, Jennifer; Pooler, Jillian; More

JBI Evidence Synthesis. 18(12):2556-2617, December 2020.

Effectiveness of discharge education strategies versus usual care on clinical outcomes in acute coronary syndrome patients: a systematic review

Kourbelis, Constance M.; Marin, Tania S.; Foote, Jonathon; More

JBI Evidence Synthesis. 18(2):309-331, February 2020.

Assessing sensitivity and specificity of the Manchester Triage System in the evaluation of acute coronary syndrome in adult patients in emergency care: a systematic review

Nishi, Fernanda Ayache; de Oliveira Motta Maia, Flávia; de Souza Santos, Itamar; More

JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports. 15(6):1747-1761, June 2017.

The effectiveness of computer-based learning in hospitalized adults with heart failure on knowledge, re-admission, self-care, quality of life and patient satisfaction: a systematic review

Carr, Hemlata J; McDermott, AnneMarie; Tadbiri, Hengameh; More

JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports. 12(5):430-465, May 2014.