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Editorial Board

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Editor-in-Chief ​

Edoardo Aromataris, The University of Adelaide, Australia​

Senior Associate Editors
Cindy Stern, The University of Adelaide, Australia

​Judith Carrier, Cardiff University, UK

Sally Wilson, Curtin University, Australia

​​Jason Slyer, Pace University, USA​
​Sonia Hines, Flinders University, Australia

Jo Leonardi-Bee, University of Nottingham, UK

Ning Wang, Southern Medical University, People's Republic of China

Associate Editors 
​Ritin Fernandez, University of Wollongong, Australia

Kiyoko Makimoto, Osaka University, Japan

Miloslav Klugar, Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic

​Kylie Porritt, The University of Adelaide, Australia

Jane Walker, Indiana Center for Evidence-Based Nursing Practice, USA

Ruth Martin-Misener, Dalhousie University, Canada​

​​Sandeep Moola, George Institute for Global Health, India

Hao-Min Cheng, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan​

Mary-Anne Ramis, Mater Health, Australia​

Mokgadi Kholofelo Mashola, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

Daniela Cardoso, Nursing School of Coimbra, Portugal​

Thierry Uhawenimana, University of Rwanda, Rwanda

Zheng Zhu, Fudan University, China​

Luiza Akiko Komura Hoga, University of São Paulo, Brazil

​​Sandra Small, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

Hugo Neves, Nursing School of Coimbra, Portugal

Emma Charlott Andersson Nordbø, The Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway

​Catrin Evans, Queens Medical Centre, UK

Kay Cooper, Robert Gordon University, UK

Francisco Barrera, Harvard University, USA​

Deborah Edwards, Cardiff University, UK

Ray Samuriwo, University of Bradford, UK​

Editorial Advisory Board

JBI Evidence Synthesis is governed by an international editorial advisory board comprising leading practitioners and researchers within evidence-based healthcare from around the world. The role of the editorial advisory board is to guide the development of the journal and its future direction including the provision of advice and feedback on journal editorial policies, processes and content. Members of the editorial advisory board also advocate for the journal and promote its content; conduct periodical reviews of manuscripts submitted to the journal; and provide expert methodological and/or topical advice to the Editor-in-Chief on editorial issues.

Board Members
​Bridie Kent, University of Plymouth, UK

Andrea Tricco, St Michael's Hospital, Canada

Susan Salmond, Rutgers University, USA
​Jos Kleijnen, Kleijnen Systematic Reviews Ltd. UK

Holger J Schünemann, McMaster University, Canada

Peter Tugwell, Centre for Global Health, University of Ottawa, Canada

Editorial Office

Mara Lambert, Managing Editor

Emilie Francis, Editorial Assistant

Melanie Dankel, Copyeditor

Hien Ho, Receiving Editor

Wolters Kluwer Staff

Daniel Hyde, Publisher

Lawrence Pezzato, Creative Director

​Leslie Carudo, Production Director

Duncan Martin-Holloway, Production Editor

Erika Fedell, Managing Editor, Production

​Janet Feeney, Associate Director of Marketing

Gretchen Hauselt, Director of Marketing

Danielle Beren, Marketing Manager

Lindsey Lynch, Digital Editor​

Wolters Kluwer Executive Team

Anne Dabrow Woods, Chief Nurse

Jennifer Brogan, Vice-President Nursing, Health & Wellness
​​Jayne Marks, Vice-President Global Publishing

Cathy Wolfe, Chief Executive Officer


Send all enquiries related to manuscript submission and processing to the editorial office, [email protected]

Send all enquiries regarding your online subscription or permissions to Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (WK|LWW), [email protected], or visit the LWW Website​ (www.lww.com).

Methodological Advisors​

JBI has established methodological working groups that develop and provide ongoing methodological guidance for the conduct of JBI systematic reviews and the synthesis of various types of evidence. Members of these methodological groups are available to provide advice and guidance to the editors of JBI Evidence Synthesis for methodological issues arising from the evaluation of manuscripts submitted to the journal. A list of members of the JBI methodological groups can be found here​. For more information please contact the editorial office at [email protected]

JBI Evidence Synthesis also collaborates closely with members of the JBI GRADE Centre​ who are available to evaluate and provide methodological feedback on Summary of Findings tables included in systematic reviews submitted to the journal.